Harvey County Commissioners canvassed votes and finalized the Nov. 6 general election at their meeting Monday. A total of 14,537 ballots were cast in Harvey County this election, with a voter turnout of about 66 percent. Commissioners reviewed 377 provisional ballots, of which 247 were countable. A provisional ballot is used to record a vote if there is doubt about a voter’s eligibility. Harvey County Clerk Joyce Truskett said state statute stipulates which provisional ballots can be counted. For example, if a voter casts a vote at an incorrect poll site, parts of the ballot that would be the same at both poll sites (such as the presidential race) still can be counted. Ballots from unregistered voters in the state of Kansas cannot be counted, which resulted in the rejection of 51 ballots this election. Ballots from voters not registered in Harvey County cannot be counted, either (56 ballots this election). Truskett said voters need to be sure they are properly registered in advance of an election. “It’s a bad deal, because their votes do not count,” she said. Ballots from voters who did not present a valid photo ID also cannot be counted. If a voter receives a mailed advance ballot and then comes to the polls to cast a vote in person, the county must verify duplicate ballots were not cast. Truskett said she and other election staff go to great lengths to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote in Harvey County actually gets a chance to vote, even those who may be in the hospital. “We try very hard, we go above and beyond,” she said. “We call people. We run all over the county.” Commission chair Marge Roberson praised Truskett and her department for their work on the recent election, and for all the work that went on behind the scenes. “It is greatly appreciated,” she said.