On November 6, as the country awaits the results of a bitterly contested presidential campaign, thousands of Christians will gather across the nation to reaffirm unity and shared commitment to Christ in the midst of political divisions. A Newton-area Election Day Communion service will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Chapel of the Bethel College Administration Building, 300 E. 27
Street, North Newton. The ecumenical service is planned cooperatively by several Newton-area pastors, and members of the wider community are invited.
The Newton-area service joins 627 congregations, schools and groups from all 50 states and over 20 denominations who are participating in Election Day Communion. Election Day Communion is a grassroots, multi-denominational campaign inviting churches to express their unity in the face of increasing polarization. It was started by several pastors including Mark Schloneger, pastor at North Goshen (Ind.) Mennonite Church who hosted a communion service at his congregation on election day four years ago, sparking the idea of organizing a nationwide event for this year’s election. "Election Day Communion is an opportunity for Christians from all political backgrounds to reaffirm their first allegiance to Christ," said Schloneger. "During the day on November 6, we’ll make different choices for different reasons," said Schloneger. "But that night, thousands of us will make the same choice together. We’ll gather as one body to remember that our chief passion belongs not to any party or candidate but to God."
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