Harvey County recovered almost $76,000 in delinquent taxes through its recent tax foreclosure sale. The sale was conducted on Oct. 24 in the basement of the county courthouse and included 13 properties. “It was an excellent sale,” John Waltner, county administrator, reported during Monday’s Harvey County Commission meeting. “... It was very well done.” According to Harvey County’s website, if real estate taxes are due and unpaid for three years, the property is subject to a tax foreclosure suit by the county. The property can then be sold at a public auction. Anyone that has delinquent real estate taxes in the county cannot bid at these auctions. Waltner said 30 properties with delinquent taxes were redeemed prior to the sale, meaning the taxes and court costs were paid on those properties. One of the properties auctioned was the former Starlite Skate Center in Newton, with a delinquent amount of $31,131.09. 
Other business
Harvey County Commissioners will conduct a canvassing of the Nov. 6 election at 8 a.m. Nov. 12 at the courthouse. Although regular courthouse operations will be closed due to Veteran’s Day, community members still will be able to enter the courthouse for the public canvassing.