Truth and honesty is the foundation that all Americans, American businesses and America's government must be firmly rooted in. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth should be the standard for everyday practice.
The Obama White House has a problem telling the truth. This President and most of his cabinet have no problem with misleading the truth, telling part truths, giving inaccurate information and just simply lying to us. This White House has set a new standard for being truthful. If the truth will harm or discredit them, just lie. And if you tell that lie often enough, Americans will believe it.
We can't believe anything they say. You can't run a God-fearing country with lies. When your dog barks and that bark has a certain tone to it that bothers you and your neighbors, you put a shock collar on it. I wonder if that would work in this White House.
Wayne E. Partridge Sr. Newton