Unless you've been living under a rock, you know there is an election coming up. And it's a big one.
And while the big media outlets are covering every tiny, and not-so-tiny, thing said by presidential candidtes, we have some pretty important races here at home to watch.
There are two county commission seats up for vote. These are, in many ways, more important to our daily lives than the presidential election.
The closer the meeting room is to your own home, the more effect those decisions have on your daily life. Consider this - the federal government does not charge you sales tax. That comes from the city, county and state levels. Everytime you go to the grocery store, those three governments get a bit of funding from you.
Every day, everything you purchase, funds local government.
These races are important. So pay attention.
At the county level, there are four candidates running for two seats. Do not, in this election, walk into the booth and check off a candidate based in which party they are in.
This election there are stark differences in the candidates. Some believe investing in the Kansas Logistics Park was and is a good idea. Some believe it's time to pull the plug on economic development. Some think the county did the right thing by buying land for a future fair grounds, then sat on it when funding dried up for the project. Others think it's time to sell off that land. Some candidates like the county budget where it is, others want to cut from it.
All are important issues to the community as a whole. And they will effect you daily. Decide who you agree on with those important issues, then cast a vote.
The same is true in the upcoming race for state Representative. The Republican incumbent has a Democratic challenger. They are very different in their ideas of what government should fund, and what it should not.
There are stark differences between them when discussing the governor's tax cut plan, how the state funds education and how they should do their jobs as a Representative.
Learn about both — and then cast a vote.
These elections are much too important to cast a vote based on party, looks or anything other than a candidate's political stands. Our future hangs in the balance — and we should spend some time thinking about what kind of Harvey County and what kind of Kansas we want.
Then vote like it.
There will be a candidate's forum for local elections at 7 p.m. Oct. 16 in the meeting room of McKinley Administrative Center, 308 E. First. Nearly a full week before advanced balloting begins, this forum is an important time for anyone who needs to make up their mind on local elections.
The choice is yours. We won't be telling you who to vote for. But we are encouraging you to make sure to take that vote very, very seriously. Don't vote on a single issue, and don't vote on something as shallow as party.