Newton Kansan
PEABODY — Not only does Doe Ann Hague feel violated after a burglary in Peabody, but also the memory of her late husband feels very disrespected.
Monday theives broke into the back door of "The Hub" on Main Street of Peabody, taking cash, electronics and computers from a teen center Hauge and her late husband started about six years ago in the heart of the small town.
"It feels like we barely make it as it is, and this is a big setback," Hague said. "It has been hard, with the loss of Dale, to keep things going. We want to keep his legacy. This was really important to him."
Aside from the cash from a recent fund-raiser, thieves made off with six laptops, three televisions and a pair of game consoles.
"All the things they took are things we need for the kids," Hague said.
And some of those kids are upset as well — but they are going into action. They organized a fund-raiser dinner from 12 to 2 p.m. Sunday at the Peabody Christian Church located at the intersection of Sycamore and Division St. in Peabody. Admission is by donation, all proceeds will go to replacing equipment stolen from The Hub.
Like so many burglaries, there are questions that arise.
Theives took laptop computers that are useless outside of The Hub's dedicated network. They left professional sound equipment worth thousands. Gone are X-Box 360 consoles which sell for about $75 in local pawnshops. Still at The Hub is a collectable Pac Man video game likely worth 10 times as much.
"They didn't take things they could get real money for," Hauge said. "They took things we used for the kids and really can't afford to replace."
The Hub carries an insurance policy, but that policy is for cash value on the items taken. A three or four year old computer may work well, but it's cash value is well below the cost of a new computer. The same for gaming consoles.
That leaves The Hub with a need — cash.
"There was about $700 in cash taken, there had been a fund-raiser and had not made a deposit yet," Hague said. "There was damage to the back door. It all adds up."
For more information about the Hub, or to donate to replacing what was stolen, contact Hague 772-2162.