Lynn Dietz’s eyes light up whenever she talks about her business, Wildcat Shredding. Opening up her own shop was a dream come true for the 2003 Newton High School graduate, and is the result of a lot of hard work and determination. Although Dietz is disabled, she hasn’t let that slow her down, or hamper her sense of independence. She uses her motorized wheelchair to easily navigate around her office at 1416 Old Main, Suite 1002, in Newton, and she is able to perform most of the work herself. “I like to sort, I like to shred,” she said. Dietz started Wildcat Shredding in 2011, taking over for the owner of a previous shredding business. She is a Kansas State University fan — the inspiration for her business’s name — and she has filled her office with K-State memorabilia. She enjoys telling others about Wildcat Shredding and isn’t shy about talking about her business, said Julia, who helps Dietz in her shop (Julia requested her last name not be printed). “She says hi, and then she asks, ‘do you have any shredding for me?’” Julia said with a laugh. Dietz charges $.15 a pound for shredding, or provides customers with a bag they can fill and have the contents shredded for $20. A grocery bag full of paper costs about $1.50 to shred. Dietz said shredding documents is a good way for businesses and individuals to prevent identity theft. She uses a cross-cut method of shredding and sometimes shreds documents from two different sources together, making it almost impossible for someone to piece a document back together. Documents she recommends for shredding include customer lists and records; contracts; inventory lists; accounting info; canceled and blank checks; and credit card receipts. Customers will receive a “certificate of destruction” that itemizes the shredding date and the amount of material that was destroyed. Dietz hopes to continue growing her business to the point she’ll be able to hire a friend to help her. “We’re trying to grow it a little bit more so she can afford to do that,” Julia said. To set up an appointment to drop off or have Dietz pick up shredding, contact Dietz at 804-4744 or email