HARVEY COUNTY WEST PARK — The Halstead High School boys’ cross country team claimed a first-place finish Thursday at the Burrton Invitational at Harvey County West Park. Halstead topped host Burrton 25-54. Goessel was third at 59, followed Sedgwick in fourth at 83. The Sedgwick girls downed Halstead 22-37. “This was the fourth annual Burrton Cross Country Meet held again this year at Harvey County West Park,” Halstead coach Curtis Vermillion said. “It was a small, relaxed meet; and very enjoyable. The terrain on the grounds of the park made for a true cross country course, and we always seem to talk about the stickers (the kind that stick to your shoe strings and socks). The weather was cool and cloudy, and almost ideal like last week. Everyone from every school ran well and competed admirably. Times were extremely fast compared to all of our races this year. There were some questions arising concerning how the race and map of the course were different.” All six Halstead boys in the varsity race claimed medals — Adan Andrade in second, Matthew Rodenberg in fourth, Blake Foraker in fifth, Cody Reinert in sixth, Darien Dawson in eighth and Isaac Solis in 14th. The Halstead girls claimed four medalists — Hannah Robinson in fifth, Mag Talbott in seventh, Miranda Reinert in 14th and Mallory Williams in 15th. Halstead competes Thursday at the Central Kansas League meet at the Lindsborg Golf Course.
Burrton Invitational Halstead results m-medalists GIRLS Team scores — Sedgwick 22, Halstead 37. Halstead results — 5. Hannah Robinson 16:22.75-m, 7. Meg Talbott 17:06.15-m, 14. Miranda Reinert 18:36.62-m, 15. Mallory Williams 18:43.25-m, 18. Courtney Glassco 19:39.31, 19. Kaci Foraker 19:53.31. BOYS Team scores — Halstead 25, Burrton 54, Goessel 59, Sedgwick 83. Halstead results — 2. Adan Andrade 16:54.40-m, 4. Matthew Rodenberg 17:28.00-m, 5. Blake Foraker 17:31.14-m, 6. Cody Reinert 17:38.90-m, 8. Darien Dawson 17:39.52-m, 14. Isaac Solis 18:09.46-m. Junior varsity — 1. Daniel Luoma 18:50.08-m, 10. Patrick Reeder 20.42.31-m, 11. Jared Walton 20.43.31, 16. Anthony Nilles 21:54.21, 17. Jayson Kepple 21:57.84, 18. Conner Porch 22:25.87.