I read various news articles about the so-called presidential candidate debates. It is sheer political theater. Once elected, how many times do you see a President debating? Answer: Never. Not until the next election-cycle rolls-around. I was talking to a person about Mitt Romney. Oddly, he described Romney's occupation as "retired." A person hears so many stories of his past laurels as a former Massachusetts Governor; and as a former corporate C.E.O.  that "RETIRED" aptly describes the 65-year-old Romney, with his grayish-white sideburns.
From a personal standpoint: I like Romney. I once paid $85 to hear him speak in 2009 at a fundraiser in Omaha, Neb. But, I cannot relate to the man on a human standpoint. He is cold and aloof.
With the exception of perhaps Ronald Reagan, the Republicans seem obsessed with nominating washed-up senior-citizens, as in: John McCain, Geo Bush senior, Bob Dole, etc. Normally wisdom comes with age, but, just as Texas Governor Rick Perry said: Romney is a "vulture capitalist.: I believe in capitalism coupled with social morality. However, Romney is 1/4 of a billionaire and cannot relate to the 47 percent of Americans whom he's stepped-on, going up the success ladder.
I am not anti-Romney; nor anti-Obama. I just want fresh, new leadership in The White House. Too bad Romney's third cousin Jon Huntsman Jr. isn't still running for President. I've met Jon Huntsman Jr. personally. Huntsman can speak Mandarin Chinese fluently and has more expertise on the world stage than anyone else, and he obviously knows the economic ramifications of global-trade. He has a bipartisan spirit who can end the gridlock with Congress. He is young (52); once worked for Obama; once worked for Reagan. Huntsman has the youthful Vision and cooperative bipartisanship our nation needs. I would vote for Jon Huntsman in a heartbeat. I would implore Mitt Romney to stay in retirement and enjoy life in his rocking-chair. If he wants tips on how to enjoy his golden years: Let Mitt emulate Bob Dole or George McGovern.
James A. Marples, Esbon.