I have read news articles speculating on the question: "Was Jesus married?"As a Roman Catholic myself, I generally adhere to the traditional viewpoint that He was not married. However, I find it both humorous (and revealingly serious) that when there is speculation  of this sort: it always points to Jesus being a heterosexual and marrying a woman. Even one news-article made reference to a likely candidate Mary, referring to Mary Magdalene. Some scholars consider her demon-possessed; other scholars consider her a prostitute. I feel that Jesus Christ had a spiritual mentoring friendship with Mary Magdalene; but I find it difficult to believe that He would foster any other type of relationship with such a troubled-person.Whether Jesus the Christ was married or single — that matter will never be settled by the mortal-mind to everyone's satisfaction. It is stated in The Holy Bible that Jesus faced human hardship and was even subjected to temptation by The Devil. Yet, Jesus overcame such temptation. He died on a Cross to pay for the sins of Mankind at-Large.Modern scholars attempting to study tiny fragments of papyrus, tree-bark, or even carvings etched in stone are making a futile attempt. Genuine "Faith" cannot always be supported by materialistic "Science." Faith, by definition, requires an element of implicit, unexplained blind trust.As for myself, as a Roman Catholic with a few Protestant leanings — I believe in The Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit). I am somewhat saddened when many people ignore The Holy Spirit. No mention is made as to whether The Holy Ghost was married? While I honor Jesus as the Christ, who is the Messiah in Christian Belief. I also believe that his role, as "the Son" is — by good Logic and good grammar, ipso facto subordinate to Our Heavenly Father.If all mankind were to practice the Ten Commandments and worthy tenets such as "Love Thy Neighbor"; as well as practice "The Golden Rule": this sphere we call Earth would be a better place, a happier place in which to live. James A. Marples, Esbon.