Tell your story through a mask. Community members and residents of the Homeless Shelter are invited to a one-day workshop to create a mask as a form of storytelling from 1 to 3 p.m., Oct. 13 at Bethel CollegeEach participant in this workshop will create a mask to his or her face, and then design it to tell?his or her own story. Participants will be able to share stories and experiences while creating.?There will be three different workshops. Following the third completed masks from all?of the workshops will be displayed locally. Participants are encouraged to bring art supplies or?items that mean something to them to include in the design of their mask.Those wanting to attend this workshop, are able to donate supplies, or are wanting more?information can contact Bethany Busenitz 283-7711 or Libby Baumgartner, MS, Art?Therapist  841-2427. Seating is limited, please call to make a reservation.