Building permits?The City of Newton issued a total of 40 building permits in the month of September, for a total valuation of $313,203. The following is a list of permits issued, along with project valuations.?- Sherri Funk, 532 S. Quail Court, residential exterior repair, $2,500.?- Douglas W. Schwabe, 1213 N. Elm Street, residential garage, $3,500.?- Leslie M. Luinstra, 716 N. Quail Court, residential deck, $9,000.?- Sarah V. Schmitt, 1001 E. Broadway St., residential porch repair, $800.?- Richard A. McGlachlin, 414 E. 11th St., residential reroof, $1,800.?- Merle G. Waltner, 604 E. Fourth St., residential reroof, $3,000.?- Daisy Martinez, 616 S.E. Third St., residential siding, $400.?- Sergio A. Riguero, 429 E. Ninth St., residential reroof, $4,000.?- Newton Recreation Commission, 1301 Boyd Ave., institutional shed, $1,400.?- Geraldine J. Collier, 708 N. Quail Court, residential reroof, $11,800.?- Wray Roofing, 311 S. Meridian Road, commercial addition, $45,000.?- Archie Schmidt, 808 W. 17th St., residential shed, $600.?- Alma L. Shelly, 1015 E. Eighth St., residential reroof, $3,000.?- James R. Runnells, 1107 S. Poplar St., residential reroof, $6,000.?- Island Blue, 513 N. Main St., commercial interior remodel, $40,000.?- Steven A. Miller, 1010 W. Fifth St., residential reroof, $4,600.?- Jorge L. Coronoda-Ramos, 225 Boyd Ave., residential interior remodel, $3,000.?- Alex Carbajal, 404 S.E. Fifth St., residential reroof, $8,990.Newton Police?Oct. 3?Criminal activity:?- Theft reported on Sept. 27, 1500 block of Old Main.Arrests:?- Joshua F. Lehman, 32, Wichita, charged with "habitual violator."?- Zachary S. Kerns, 26, Newton, outside warrant.?- Corey S. McKinney, 35, Newton, battery.?- Kim M. Hasty, 42, Newton, driving while suspended, warrant.?- Cody L. Goodall, 20, Newton, outstanding warrant.Traffic accidents:?- One vehicle, 2000 block of South Kansas.Oct. 1-2?Criminal activity:?- Theft reported, 1200 block of North Main.?- Defacement of property reported, 1700 block of South Kansas.?- Burglary, theft reported, 700 block of North Logan.?- Criminal trespass reported, 100 block of West First.Arrests:?- Jacob A. Hamilton, 19, Newton, warrant.?- Ronald D. Isbell, 42, Newton, driving while suspended.?- Christina M. Servantes, 27, Newton, burglary, theft, battery.?- Michael J. Lemons, 29, Newton, warrant.Traffic accidents:?- Angela M. Crawley, 42, Newton, drove off of the roadway causing damage to her vehicle at 700 block of East 12th.?- Michael T. Pauley, 60, Newton, and Eli Z. Buller, 35, Newton, at 1200 block of North Main.?- Unknown driver, Joyce A. Davis, 47, Moundridge, (parked) at 200 block of North Main.?- Araceli Gutierrez-Jalapa, 42, Newton, 16-year-old, Newton, at 900 block of West 12th.