Four people were taken into custody following a fake gunfight in Newton Thursday afternoon.
Police received a call from the area of S.E. Second Street Thursday, claiming two men were chasing each other with guns and threatening to kill each other.
"One was a long gun and the other was a hand gun," said Lt. Craig Dunlevy of the Newton Police Department. "Neighbors heard the them threatening to shoot each other. ... It alarmed the neighbors. According to the men, it was just in fun, but they were grown men playing a child's game and it alarmed the neighborhood."
They called attention to themselves in a neighborhood that Dunlevy said was fairly quiet.
Police found the men, and the weapons in question. One was a BB gun, the other an Airsoft gun. Neither was loaded.
Four people were arrested, charged with disorderly conduct. One was arrested on an outstanding warrant, and another was arrested for violation of bond restrictions.
"We put a lot of resources into these two guys running around with fake guns," Dunlevy said. "We didn't know they were fake at the time, and neither did the neighbors."