WHAT IT IS: The requested budget for 2013 for the Harvey County Health Department. The health department provides services in the community such as immunizations for adults and children; health and nutrition education; maternal/child health programs such as pregnancy education, prenatal vitamins, a car seat safety program, and more. The department is at 316 Oak St. in Newton.
BY THE NUMBERS: Here are a few of the line items from the health department’s 2013 budget: - $337,209 — Salaries and benefits (the department has the equivalent of 6.39 full-time staff). - $80,000 — Nursing supplies. - $9,000 — Buildings, ground maintenance. - $5,000 — Office supplies. - $4,000 — Training.
Want more information on the health department budget? Visit www.harveycounty.com/financial-documents.html to view the full budget for this, and other, county departments.
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