Catch someone in the act of providing exceptional customer service?Report it here.My thanks to the folks at fire station No. 2. I stopped by on Sunday, August 26 to get an explanation on how a piece of old fire fighting apparatus worked. The young man (Battalion Chief –Roger Perkins) who came to the door gave me the info I needed on how the mechanism worked. I had taken out my camera to show him a picture of the unit. When he went back in, I absent mindedly left my gadget bag on the counter as I left. Monday I got a phone call that they had found my bag, they even said they would deliver it since they already had a man coming this way. Thanks again for helping a forgetful citizen.— Jim WimmerI was working at the Meridian Center at an event. The staff knew that we were set up to run the program for the event. We started our set up in the late afternoon, and knew that we would be able to eat as time allowed. As it turned out, a banquet server (Penny Dorado) took time after serving the guests to bring us food and drinks. She checked on us just as she checked on all the guests at the banquet, Penny deserves a ‘Get caught award for going out of her way to make sure everyone was well taken care of during this special event.— Rodger Nugent, SupercolliderOn Sept. 24  my new puppy got out of the house. I am disabled and was unable to go after him. However, I got to my car and drove around my neighborhood for over an hour and half searching and calling for him. I was dreading making a call to my husband who works in Wichita to come home to aid in the hunt of our new puppy.Just as I thought all was lost a neighbor told me that the puppy was being held about a block and half away by a postman. As, I drove down I could see that the post man and he had my puppy and would only accept my Thank you’s for doing this for a disabled lady.I called the Post Office and found out that the Postman is Bryce Foth and he took time out of his day to help me get my puppy back, "I have my puppy back and I now know my Postman." — Anonymous Have you experienced great customer service at one of our local businesses? We, at the Chamber, want to hear from you! Share your experience, and we’ll shout it to the community with help of theKansan. Contact Cindy Rankin today at 283-2560 or by email at"Get Caught" is an initiative of the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. For more information, or to send in a "Get Caught" report, visit on the Internet.