MKC’s finance program earns recognition
MKC’s input finance program has been recognized by the Cooperative Finance Association for holding the No. 1 position in the Top 10 Volume Award 2012.
“CFA is such a great tool for our field marketers and managers. It helps them in selling the product, helps in timing of grain marketing; it is more than just funding the producer’s inputs,” said Brent Heizelman, credit manager for MKC.
Steve Fenton, portfolio manager for CFA, presented the award to MKC and said that, “MKC is a fantastic group to work with. Our goal is to help MKC and their producers be successful, and in turn make CFA successful.”
CFA serves more than 140 cooperatives in 13 different states. Over the 2012 crop year, MKC generated 171 loans totaling more than $20 million.
Heizelman stated the loans offered through CFA present the farmer member with convenience more than anything else. “It is so convenient for the producer to not have to worry about how he is going to pay for his fertilizer or seed one month after he purchases it,” he said.
Dave Christiansen, president and CEO for MKC, commented that the number of loans and total loan volume continues to grow.
“While the recognition for our efforts is certainly nice for our entire team, the loan volume demonstrates our efforts are working to insure customers have the available capital at their fingertips to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves,” stated Christiansen. “CFA gives us one more tool to help them manage their risk.”
Food banks and 4-H organizations benefit from donations
Through a matching funds program offered by Land O’ Lakes Foundation, MKC recently donated more than $27,000 to area food banks and 4-H organizations.
Since 2006, MKC has provided funds for area 4-H Leadership Development Programs. This year, 10 different organizations were the recipients of more than $11,000, for a total of $57,900 contributed over the past seven years.
“Many of today’s youth will become the future leaders of our rural communities,” stated Kerry Watson, communications specialist for MKC. “We are proud to play a role in the development of those future leaders.”
In addition to the 4-H donations, nine area food banks were the recipients of nearly $16,000. This is the second year MKC has selected the area food banks as recipients of the funds.
“Supporting these types of programs is another way MKC can help to improve the quality of life in our communities,” stated Watson.