Newton KansanBunting Magnetics Europe Limited, a manufacturing and sales operation center based in Berkhamsted, England for Bunting Magnetics Company, recently announced the acquisition of E-Magnets UK Limited, located in Sheffield, England.It's move nearly half a world away that has ramifications for the main Bunting Magnetics plant in Newton."Down the road it will potentially mean a couple of more jobs here in Newton," said Sonia Cox, Director of Marketing for Bunting Magnetics Co."Nothing immediate, but once we have integrated the business into our model, we expect it will mean growth."The Bunting Magnetics Company employs about 180 people worldwide, about 115 of them work at the Newton facility.Bunting is having a good year — grabbing headlines as an award winning exporter at the state level, and growing behind the scenes in the process. Davis said the company is set to record double-digit growth by percentage in 2012.The most recent acquisition is in the area of ecommerce — the purchase of E-Magnets is designed to grow the company's market share online."We are expanding our capabilities in today’s rapidly growing e-commerce environment," said Robert J. Bunting, Bunting Magnetics owner and chief executive officer. "E-Magnets UK significantly expands Bunting’s market presence in the UK and abroad, while at the same time significantly increases our online business presence which, until today, was done through our e-commerce and E-Magnets UK has outstanding market recognition for their product assortment and is well known within the European Union."E-Magnets UK Ltd specializes in direct and wholesale supply of magnetic products throughout the UK and the world through its The company was founded in 2005 by Alistair Richardson, whom will continue to oversee the company’s everyday operations. This is Bunting Magnetics' second expansion into the United Kingdom."To have a company the quality and caliber of Bunting located in Newton, and to see the continued growth, it has an impact on our community," said Mickey Fornaro-Dean, director of the Harvey County Economic Development Council. "We are fortunate that they continue to grow and we will support them in those efforts.You don't have to look at only new jobs, but also retained and sustained jobs. This will help them retain and sustain jobs here. ... That's important as new jobs."For more than 50 years, Bunting Magnetics Co. has developed and manufactured precision magnetic products for the worldwide printing, automobile, plastics, food, electronics and recycling industries. Bunting has manufacturing facilities in Newton; Elk Grove Village, Ill.; DuBois, Pa.; and Berkhamsted, England.