Harvey County Commissioners authorized the city of Newton to move forward with plans to annex the City-County Airport. The annexation will add the airport to the city’s tax base, in addition to the county’s. City Attorney Bob Myers said the city’s plans to annex the airport date back to five years ago, during the recruitment of Park Aerospace, a business now based at the airport. The city and county formed an agreement in 2007 to allow the city to eventually bring the airport within the city limits. The city already has extended sewer services to the airport, and it also intends to take over supplying water to the airport from Harvey County Rural Water District No. 1. Airport tenants were informed of the plan to annex. Myers said the plan for annexation was based on the city’s increasing desire to participate in incentives to industries coming into or expanding at the airport, and because of this, the city thought it was fair for it to have a share in the enhanced tax base at the airport. Myers said this particular annexation process may differ from some other annexation processes the public may be familiar with. The airport annexation process involves the following steps: - The City Commission adopts a resolution requesting the County Commission determine whether the annexation of the land will hinder or prevent the growth and development of the area, or of other incorporated cities in the county. The city approved this resolution at their Sept. 11 meeting. - Once the city clerk files a copy of the resolution with the County Commission, commissioners have 30 days to make a determination regarding the annexation. No public hearing is required. - Once the County Commission authorizes the city to move forward, the City Commission can adopt an ordinance annexing the property. This ordinance is one of the agenda items for today’s City Commission meeting at 9 a.m. at City Hall.