Reader question: According to the contract, the city is to pay the Rec Center for any losses resulting in the management of the swimming pool. What is that figure? — David A. Nygaard
Answer: The city’s Public Information Officer Erin McDaniel said there are provisions in the Municipal Pool Operating Agreement to cover losses. The agreement states some costs are the Newton Recreation Commission’s to absorb (public liability insurance on pool operations and facilities, and administrative oversight of pool operations), and some costs are the city’s to absorb (replacement or repair of obsolete equipment, etc.).
McDaniel said beyond that, the NRC is supposed to pay all other costs of pool operations out of the operating revenues, including staffing, supplies, utilities, maintenance and repair costs and equipment costs. If the operating expenses exceed the operating revenues, the city is supposed to reimburse the NRC for those excess costs. There also is a provision for sharing any net revenues. According to the NRC’s recent annual report, the pool received $62,451 in revenues in 2011, and it had $112,183 in expenses.
“To city staff’s knowledge, the NRC has never submitted a reimbursement request for operating losses — at least not within recent memory,” McDaniel said. “This is just one of a number of provisions in the contract that the city and NRC have not followed over the years.”
Although the NRC’s contract with the city says the organization should be charged for water, that contract provision also is not being enforced.
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