HESSTON — The Hesston High School girls’ tennis team won the eight-team Hesston Invitational III Tuesday. The Swathers downed Conway Springs 30-23 for the title. Smoky Valley was third at 18, followed by Ellsworth at 14, Circle at 12, Hutchinson Trinity at nine, Valley Center at six and Haven at two. Hesston won three of the four flights and took second in the other. At first singles, Ali Anderson of Hesston downed Rachel Herzog of Ellsworth 8-5 for the title. At second singles, Brenda Sanchez downed Annie Reinert of Smoky Valley 8-2 for the title. At first doubles. Conway Springs downed Hesston 8-0 for the title. At second doubles, Hesston downed Conway Springs 8-6. Hesston plays Saturday at the Wichita Collegiate Tournament of Champions.
Hesston Inv. III Tuesday Team scores — Hesston 30, Conway Springs 23, Smoky Valley 18, Ellsworth 14, Circle 12, Hutchinson Trinity 9, Valley Center 6, Haven 2. First singles Quarterfinals — Ali Anderson Hes. bye, Heather Koester CS def. Sydney Breault Cir. 8-1, Rachel Herzog Ells. def. Jocelyn Lane HT 8-0, Jessica Van Ranken SV def. Haylee Nachtigal Hav. 8-0. Semifinals — Championship: Anderson Hes. def. Koester CS 8-0, Herzog Ells. def. Van Rankin SV 8-6. Consolation: Breault Cir. bye, Lane HT def. Nachtigal Hav. 8-2. Medal round — First: Anderson Hes. def. Herzog Ells. 8-5. Third: Koester CS def. Van Rankin SV 8-3. Fifth: Brault Cir. def. Lane HT 8-0. Seventh: Nachtigal Hav. bye. Second singles Quarterfinals — Brenda Sanchez Hes. def. Jazmine Ray Hav. 8-1, Bailey Counterman Cir. def. Madison Fisher HT 8-2, Cece Robinson CS def. Julie Baker ZVC 8-3, Annie Reinert SV def. Tamara Podlena Ells. 8-2. Semifinals — Championship: Sanchez Hes. def. Counterman Cir. 8-4, Reinert SV def. Robinson CS 8-6. Consolation: Fisher HT def. Ray Hav. 8-4, Podlena Ells. def. Baker VC 8-3. Medal round — First: Sanchez Hes. def. Reinert SV 8-2. Third: Counterman Cir. def. Robinson CS 8-4. Fifth: Podlena Ells. def. Fisher HT 8-0. Seventh: Baker VC def. Ray Hav. 8-2. First doubles Quarterfinals — Ebenkamp-Sones CS def. Reichenberger—Emile-Wagler Hav. 8-1, Morrical-Anderson SV def. Hood-Sippel Ells. 8-5, Weaver-Shogren Hes. def. Connell-Jaax Cir. 8-0, Bauguess-Seidl VC def. Walls-Reade HT 8-3. Semifinals — Championship: Ebenkamp-Sones CS def. Morrical-Anderson SV 8-2, Weaver-Shogren Hes. def. Bauguess-Seidl VC 8-7 (9-7). Consolation: Hood-Sippel Ells. def. Reichenberger—Emile-Wagler Hav. 8-1, Walls-Reade HT def. Connell-Jaax Cir. 8-6. Medal round — First: Ebenkamp-Sones CS def. Weaver-Shogren Hes. 8-0. Third: Bauguess-Seidl VC def. Morrical-Anderson SV 8-3. Fifth: Hood-Sipple Ells. def. Walls-Reade HT 8-6. Seventh: Reichenberger—Emile-Wagler Hav. def. Connell-Jaax Cir. 8-7 (7-4). Second doubles Quarterfinals — Wilder-King Hes. def. Nisly-Miller Hav. 8-0, Griffin-Counterman Cir. def. Garcia-Lanham HT 8-4, Cassell-Peterson SV def. Bettenbrook—DePoy Ells. 8-4, Burger-Hilger CS def. Sayers-Espinoza VC 8-4. Semifinals — Championship: Wilder-King Hes. def. Griffin-Counterman Cir. 8-5, Burger-Hilger CS def. Cassel-Peterson SV 8-2. Consolation: Garcia-Lanham HT def. Nisly-Miller Hav. 8-2, Bettenbrook-DePoy Ells. def. Sayers-Espinosa VC 8-5. Medal round — First: Wilder-King Hes. def. Burger-Hilger CS 8-6. Third: Cassel-Petersen SV def. Griffin-Counterman Cir. 8-6. Fifth: Garcia-Lanham HT def. Bettenbrook-DePoy Ells. 8-3. Seventh: Sayers-Espinosa VC def. Nisly-Miller Hav. 8-1.