I listened to almost nothing of either the Republican or Democrat National conventions, with 2 mere exceptions: Clint Eastwood at the RNC and Bill Clinton at the DNC. I admire Clint Eastwood, but I was surprised and a bit embarrassed by his weird (even bizarre) performance of having a make-believe conversation with an empty-chair. Eastwood could have used many other more effective skits...such as the scene from "A Fistful of Dollars" in which he tells the villain Ramon to "Aim for the Heart". Eastwood gets shot numerous times; falls-down; but gets-up again. Once Ramon is out of bullets, Eastwood tosses aside his poncho concealing an armor-plate. Eastwood could have used that as an analogy for "American resilience". Instead: Eastwood opted for a two-bit skit that wouldn't even rate as a "B" movie. He wasn't "Dirty Harry"; but rather a disheveled "Disoriented Uncle Harry".

To be sure, I am no fan of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary herself, to her credit, was 10,000 miles away on her Secretary-of-State duties. But I have to admit former President Bill Clinton's speech was energizing. Far more energetic than the bland, secretive, and monotone Mitt Romney. I never thought I'd say it: but Bill Clinton is more likeable than Barack Obama. I'm not so sure that Clinton really "endorses" Obama as much as he wants to pull the country back to having Economic surpluses. Some National News-organizations did a "Fact Check" and they reported "...with few exceptions, we found Clinton's stats checked out".

I dislike Clinton's personal moral failings and extra-marital sexual escapades. I no longer associate myself with either political-party. However, I liked two things Clinton said: We need "cooperation" in Washington DC...and the budget (along with our crippling National Debt) can be boiled-down into one word "Arithmetic".

Clinton probably gave the most truthful Speech of his life at the DNC. It's a pity that Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney continue to sling mud, run negative ads, cannot do proper Arithmetic, and fail to address vital Issues. I don't think either 2012 Nominee is worth voting for.

James A. Marples, Esbon