I always appreciated Sunday morning TV listening to Rev. Robert Schuller, Emerita Minister of the beautiful and expansive Chrystal Cathedral, now named Christ Cathedral and being a Catholic church. His messages so often were on hope and an optimistic view of the future.

In the last issue of Education Week to which I subscribe, it has a writeup of several public schools which emphasize Hope, along with Engagement, and Well Being (adequate nutritious diets, safe housing, as well as being loved and having feelings of belonging) in the curriculum. Hope is the opposite of hatred, rudeness, being impolite, and talking down to pupils. It stresses learners being actively involved in ongoing high quality experiences This places much emphasis upon pupils being interested in teaching and learning situations. Boredom and disinterest must then be eliminated and replaced with positive feelings toward learning.

Parents and the teacher need to work together to encourage pupils with tasks that are meaningful, make sense, and adjusted to the individual. Also, working well with others is always salient in committee settings in school and in the societal settings. Thus, the home and the school have important responsibilities in assisting pupils to feel motivated within themselves and in the future. With hope, pupils look forward to acquiring new subject matter and skills. Dread is minimized and substituted with the new and the ensuing of joy and excitement to achieve and develop.

There is much to learn within a relatively short period of time, and each day counts in moving toward success and accomplishment in school now as well as in the future workplace. Regular, punctual attendance aids in experiencing sequential learnings, not gaps in the curriculum.

Marlow Ediger