HESSTON ó In response to Whitestone Mennonite Churchís guiding vision, "to be a community that creatively risks sharing the transforming love of Jesus," pastor Ron Moyo has joined the church staff part time to provide a worship option Saturday evenings in the Hesston community.

Moyo will lead a service from 5 to 6 p.m. each Saturday in the Maple Ridge Apartments community room in Hesston.

"Our motivation is the commission given to every Christian in Matthew 28:19 to 'Go Ye Therefore,'" Moyo said. "We want to go everywhere feasible and make the love of Christ known, inviting those willing to be part of Godís kingdom."

Moyo is a 2012 graduate of the Hesston College Pastoral Ministries program, and is enrolled in the AMBS Great Plains Extension program, working toward a master of divinity degree. He worked as a youth pastor and ministry administrator in Zimbabwe before needing to leave for his own safety. Ron and his wife, Sue, live in North Newton and have two children.

Since mid February of this year, Saturday night worship services have met in the Community Room at Whitestone Mennonite Church. However, recently the meeting place was changed to the Community Room at Maple Ridge Apartments of Hesston. The purpose for change in location is to take the church to where the people are, and to meet in a neutral venue that will not alienate people who may never have stepped inside the door of a church. Use of language, music and style of worship in the Saturday services do not assume worshippers have been part of a church for some time; there is an intentional attempt to accommodate everyone. Ron Moyo said he believes a lot of pastoral care is needed at places like Maple Ridge, and this is already happening as Whitestone is making its presence visible in this community.

"As an arm of the church, it is important to reach out to make disciples for Christ," Ron Moyo said. "Those who feel comfortable and whose schedules allow may be part of the Sunday worship at Whitestone. Saturday night worship will be available to cater to those who cannot be accommodated in our regular Sunday worship. The venue for Saturday worship will not always remain the same; it will keep moving around to where the need is, as discerned by the Saturday night advisory leadership team and the Saturday night pastor. We will continue to engage others and make our visibility greater by participating in various community activities where we interact with different people and build relationships."