†?Why is it important to study Biblical prophecy? Grace Community Church invites you to consider some important questions related to this sometimes-controversial subject.?Dr. Jim Eckman, President Emeritus and Professor of History and Biblical Studies at Grace University, Omaha, Neb., will speak at Grace Community Church on Sept 8 and 9.?There will be three sessions: "Israel and Prophetic Scripture" 6:30 p.m .Sept 8, 6:30; "Why Study Prophecy" at 8, 9:30 and 11 A.m. Sept. 9; and "The Rise of the Islamic Faith" in the third session at 12:15 Sept. 9.?First, how long has it been since you studied Biblical prophecy, an important part of Godís Word? And as you study it, questions arise about whether God has a place for Israel in His prophetic plan. We wonder if the modern state of Israel is part of that prophetic plan. Also, how do we think Biblically about the rise of Islam in the 21st century and its apparent threat to Western civilization? One final question to be addressed is whether Biblical prophecy is still relevant in 2012, and if so, why should we study it?

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