?Harvey County Commissioners took a “field trip” during their meeting Monday to tour the Detention Center and view the new video surveillance system.?Commissioners had previously awarded a bid for Detention Center surveillance cameras to Kaye Electric of Newton for $43,975.70.?“We cover more of the Detention Center than we ever covered before,” Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said of the new surveillance system.?Detention Center staff can monitor many different areas of the jail simultaneously using the new system. Images from different areas, such as the jail’s laundry room, library and kitchen, are displayed in a grid on a centralized monitor. Staff can enlarge images from each of the cameras to get a closer view.?The new system records images, so if a deputy is assaulted by a prisoner or a similar event occurs, the Detention Center will have video proof.?Walton will be able to use the system to monitor the jail from his office, as well.