In this new school year, a concerted effort on having pupils achieve high quality attitudes is necessary. Good attitudes toward others is a life time goal. Hostility toward others brings on negative consequences such as "wanting to get even with others." The costs may become quite high in these situations. Better it is to think through what certain acts, deeds, and sayings might evolve. The following may be major problems of selected pupils:?* engaging in bullying which greatly minimizes the receiver of the action. Violent reactions have occurred in bullying. School administrators, teachers, parents and pupils need to be involved in outlawing bullying be it physical or verbal.?* calling others with offensive names. It is not "funny" to be called an undesirable name.?* being rude in the societal arena. Rudeness hinders in school achievement in that pupils might well concentrate more on the rudeness as compared to what is being taught in an ongoing lesson in the classroom.?* lacking cooperation in fulfilling requirements in a subject matter area. Attitudes must be developed and encouraged by all in educating pupils which assist optimal achievement. It is indeed a privilege to be in school and have the many opportunities of learning. I taught in the Middle East for two years. There were at that time, in the early 1950s, requirements for school attendance, but space in schools was lacking to educate a plethora of children. What a privilege for pupils to devote full time to achieving objectives of instruction during a school year! I had a manuscript of mine accepted for publication titled, "Enjoying Science in the School Setting" (in Montana Science) which has tenets emphasizing all academic areas. Learning activities for pupils need adaptation in order to capture enthusiasm, interest, as well as purpose in achieving.? Marlow Ediger, North Newton