With the ill-chosen words of Missouri Republican Todd Akin referring to what he described as the rarity of “legitimate rape,” any person with an ounce of brain-power knows that the words “legitimate” and “rape” do not go together. Any rape is a crime. Furthermore, all victims have a right to remedies.?As a Roman Catholic myself, I have been to dozens of Catholic Confirmation services presided-over by either a bishop or an archbishop. Each Service has a renewal of baptismal vows which includes: “Do you reject Satan and all his works?” The congregation responds with the answer “I do”. Although official Catholic doctrine disapproves of abortion, I am certain that most Catholic men would be aghast if their wife, mother, sister, or daughter were raped and impregnated by creatures such as Charles Manson, Wichita's B.T.K. serial-rapist or that kind of ilk. If a Catholic was shot by a gun, most faithful believers would readily want the bullet removed. A rapist, by definition, engages in unlawful sexual penetration and likely disperses reproductive fluids which may lead to pregnancy. It amazes me that Christians of nearly all denominations admit that rape is a crime; but they fail to give a woman the same remedy of removing “the Seed of Satan” in the same way that doctors would remove a bullet. If Catholics genuinely hold true to their baptismal pledges, they shouldn't force a woman to carry such “bad seed” for nine long months and allow the perpetrator to succeed in spreading his characteristics to another generation. The “bad apple” may not fall far from the tree spreading “bad-fruit.”?In like manner, I also believe in the death penalty for certain heinous adult crimes. Yet, I attend Catholic Mass and consider myself 98 percent pro-life. I read the Holy Bible and biblical-standards uphold these sentiments that evil acts have associated ramifications and remedies. “Life” is something to be cherished. However, misdeeds and crimes have consequences. By not allowing victims access to remedies — it is only deepening the original crime. I say: Punish offenders harshly and respectfully allow victims to heal by allowing them avenues to remove that which was inflicted upon them.?— James A. Marples ,Esbon.