For the last five years Charney and David Price have lived on Lazy Creek Drive,  and tried to be a good steward of the resources available.
They use a well to water their plants and yard, and pay close attention to the creek which runs in their back yard.
“We have built on what was there when we bought the property,” David Price said. “We know someday we will pass it on to someone else. We see ourselves as stewards, it’s ours to tend for a while and then we will pass it on to a new generation.”
They are apparently doing something very right — this year the Price home was named Yard of the Year by the city.
It came as a surprise to the Prices.
“There are so many nice yards,” David Price said. “This year, our yard is struggling with the drought.”
Yet their flowers caught the attention of the review committee, a group which evaluated 20 nominated properties in eight categories.
“With another hot and dry summer, these property owners have managed to keep their vegetation looking healthy and well,” the committee wrote in it’s evaluation. “It is very aesthetically pleasing addition to the neighborhood, with a variety of interesting focal points.”
There are more than 20 trees in the yard; four flower and ornamental gardens; a rock garden centered around a willow tree; 13 spot gardens sprinkled with flowers, shrubs and bushes; and a vegetable and herb garden with a small grape arbor.
Keeping up with all of it is no easy task.
Charney keeps notebooks on planing results, and logging the best times to plant and prune. David rakes the lawn regularly and mows at least twice a week.
The couple monitors just how much water is being drained from the well — making sure to keep a consistent water pattern of about two inches of water a week.
“The well is the only reason we can water,” David Price said. “We do some spot watering with city water, but we want to conserve and use our natural resources the best we can.”
For the next year, there  is a new addition to the lawn: a yard of the year sign. There are other additions planned — including more vegetable gardens, a cut garden for flowers and landscape improvements along the way.