Until an election begins, no one really knows what to expect — and this one is no exception. No one really knows how many people will make their ways to the polls for the primary, and how many of them are ready to comply with new voter ID laws.
However, early indications are for a strong turnout in Harvey County — and that voters will be ready for new ID requirements.
“It has been good so far,” said assistant county clerk Rick Piepho. “It was a little bit light on Wednesday.”
Advanced voting began at the courthouse Tuesday. As of Friday afternoon, more than 100 people had already cast their ballots in the primary race.
Friday was a big day — 39 ballots cast by mid-afternoon.
“I think each day it will increase if it goes like elections in the past,” said  county clerk Joyce Truskett.
 Piepho said the bump might be from The Harvey County Republican Party annual ice cream social Thursday which including a forum for candidates in the contested primary races.
Overall the primary is running smoothly — there’s been an average of about 20 voters each day coming to advanced balloting at the Harvey County Courthouse.
So far, showing an ID at the poll has not become an issue.
“We have had any real issues or people fired up about having to show an ID,” Piepho said. “We haven’t had anyone come without an ID.”
For prospective voters who need an ID, there is help available.
Harvey County voters who do not have any form of photo ID, which is now required, may obtain an ID at no charge from the Harvey County Driver’s License Office.  Free transportation is available and can be arranged through the Harvey County Transportation Office at (316) 284-6802.
Free transportation will also be available to voters who do not have a way to get to polls on Election Day August 7. Although this service is free of charge, reservations will need to be made through the Harvey County Transportation Office on or before Friday, August 3.  Transportation to voting sites in Hesston, Walton, and Volunteer Hall at East Lake will be scheduled for the morning hours on Election Day.  Voters needing transportation to voting sites in Burrton, Sedgwick, and Halstead will be scheduled during the afternoon hours on Election Day.   Voters residing in
Macon, Darlington, or Newton Townships who vote at poll sites within the City of Newton are also eligible for this service. For transportation, please call (316) 284-6802 to make arrangements.
With the exception of persons who use wheelchairs, voters living within the City of Newton who need transportation to poll sites will need to call a cab. Voters using wheelchairs will need to contact Harvey County Transportation at (316) 284-6802.
All of the free transportation is provided under a grant fund.
“We want to make it available to those who need it,” Piepho said.