The Newton area is under a heat advisory until at least Tuesday. Highs are expected to be 100 or more through the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.
While Newton is under a heat advisory, the northeast corner of the state is under an “extreme” heat advisory. This means their temperatures may be a couple of degrees higher, but the heat index is supposed to be even higher in that area.
A heat advisory means conditions are dangerous and precautions should be taken.
Strenuous activities should be avoided in the middle of the day, and being outside for long periods of time should also be avoided, weather officials say.
Drink plenty of water and avoid exertion in the sun is the main advice officials give.
Don’t leave animals, elderly or very young people inside a car during the heat as the temperature inside a car rises rapidly.
The all-time record high for Newton is 112, set July 12 of 1954. Newton may or may not get there, but could get close if conditions remain the same.
It may be of little comfort to people in Newton, but the summer of 1954 was a very hot one with 10 record highs set, all 110 or more, between July 11-22.
So far this month there have been nine dasy where the temperature got into triple digits, and according to the National Weather Service it is supposed to every day the rest of the month, which would mean about 20 days this month have been in triple digits.
The National Weather Service also predicts virtually no chance of rain for the rest of the month, other than a few isolated showers at the end of the month.
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