Four men — two of them minors — have been formally charged in an alleged rape which was part of a gang initiation.
“The victim alleges that this was a gang initiation for a 14 year old,” said county attorney David Yoder. “More of that will come out in the preliminary hearing.”
The preliminary hearing was continued until June 18 to allow for defense attorneys to cross examine the victim.
Charged in the crime are Tyler Rigby of Newton and Anthony Walker Jr. of Newton.
According to a complaint filed in district court, Rigby is charged with rape, aggravated assault, two counts of criminal threat and two counts intimidation of a witness.
Rigby allegedly raped a woman in her 40s on April 19, then threatened her with a knife. He also allegedly stabbed a witness.
Walker was charged with criminal sodomy and two counts of rape for an event which occurred in the evening hours of April 21 and morning hours of April 22.
The charges of rape could result in as much as 54 years in prison.
One of the two minors charged in juvenile court is awaiting a decision on a motion filed by the prosecutor’s office to try him as an adult.
“The allegation is all of them raped her except the 14-year-old,” Yoder said. “He is charged with criminal sodomy.”
In a connected case, two people — Keandre Scales and Enis Hamidovic, both of Newton, are charged with assault and intimidation of a victim or witness.
“After the victim reported this, they allegedly attacked her. They allegedly beat her and threatened to kill her,” Yoder said.
According to the complaint, Scales and Hamidovic attacked and threatened the rape victim May 10.
A preliminary hearing for Scales and Hamidovic is scheduled for June 20.