Wendy Nugent

Last week, I told you I’d show you my Ghastlies fabric, which I also received last week.

Last week, I told you I’d show you my Ghastlies fabric, which I also received last week.

Isn’t it awesome? I think the new line is called “Ghastlies Family Reunion” or something like that.

I ordered it in the moldy green colorway, as opposed to the moldy pink colorway. I’m still pondering what to do with it.

Any ideas? I could just have it in my stash, but that’s no fun. I was wondering if I should make a little table topper/wall hanging, since I’ve been doing about one of those for Halloween per year.

This is only one side of the fabric. The other side has a cute little girl holding a hammer. She’s probably my favorite character in this group. I would have purchased this locally, but I didn’t find any quilt shops that had this fabric, so I ordered off the web.

I am a great believer in shopping locally, but if they don’t have what I want, I go on the web or to another town. But I first check the local quilt shop! If you want the local quilt shop to stay in business, then shop there, that’s what I say.

I really love this line of fabric. I believe this is the third year the “Ghastlie” line has come out. The first year it was produced, Charlotte’s in downtown Newton, Kan., carried it. Ruth, who used to work there, made a nice lap quilt out of the fabric.

Whatever I make, I want it to be small enough so I can cross-hatch quilt it at home. I think a wall hanging would be nice. Charlotte’s has some greyed flower fabric I think might coordinate with this quite well.

I always love the planning of a quilt — what colors to use and where. I guess I’m a process quilter, as opposed to a product quilter. I like having a product, but I enjoy the process so much more.

I've got my eye on the new Hallowgraphix line by Jason Yenter with In the Beginning Fabrics. I hope Charlottes gets some of that at the local quilt shop! If not, back to the web!

On the Yankee Candle front, I learned one of the new fall scents to come out is called Harvest Welcome. It’s supposed to smell somewhat like Autumn Wreath — apply and cinnamony.

Until next time, keep on quilting and hope you find your home comforting!

Wendy Nugent