This Sunday Cornell West and Tavis Smiley were guests on “Face the Nation.” They are the authors of the new book “The Rich and the Rest of Us.” Here is a short synopsis of what they said.
One half of our population, 150 million, are wrestling with poverty. This includes the poor and the low income earners who are but one or two pay checks from poverty.
Our nation has a spending priority. It is the military. The poor are insignificant. Both parties are guilty, and both are tied to big money.
They had suggestions for improvement. Concentrate on jobs, education, and housing. Institute a progressive tax code. Consider the needs of women and children first. And vastly shrink our highly over zealous incarceration record.
I admit that there is a greater concentration of poverty and incarceration in the south and in the larger cities. But we here are not immune.
Our country must not continue down this rode of self destruction. The rich and powerful have over extended their greed. We must have a more just distribution of wealth, or we will see a massive uprising of the oppressed. There is still time for change, but that time is short, and the clock is ticking.
— Beth Vannatta, Halstead