Kidron Bethel Village employee Julie McFall spun the handle on a round steel ball, waiting for the wooden balls with letters and numbers written on them to pop out.
“B4!” she called out to the residents playing bingo Monday afternoon at Kidron.
“Before what?” one resident said, while others laughed.
Residents in assisted living at Kidron Bethel have bingo on Mondays, right after “Sundae Monday.”
“Prizes include snack items, candy bars and blank greeting cards,” said Susan Garofalo, advertising and public relations manager at Kidron Bethel. “They also play bingo at other times in the health-care and independent living areas.”
The residents played different kinds of bingo, as to where they can earn a bingo, such as one they made up, where you get all squares covered on the outside, forming the square.
Although the handful of women playing bingo Monday didn’t get very excited when they had a “bingo,” they did seem to have a good time enjoying each other’s company.