In hockey or soccer it’s called a hat trick — scoring three times. Bunting Magnetics has scored a hat trick this year — picking up three accolades in 2012.
“We were nominated for exporter of the year last year, then had a better year in 2011, and that kept attention on us,” said owner Bob Bunting.
First, the company was named as one of the five finalists for the Governor’s Exporter of the Year — the second consecutive year the company was named to the finalist list. Then, the Wichita Business Journal named the business one of the top five in the annual “Best in Business” awards.
And now, a third accolade. The World Trade Council of Wichita and Grant Thornton LLP  selected Bunting Magnetics to receive the International Business Excellence Award for 2012.
“If you look at just Bunting here and in Chicago, we are exporting about 13 percent,” Davis said. “When you look at international sales, it is a larger number.”
International sales have become a focus of a business founded in 1959.
“We acquired a company in England four years ago, and they are now one of our biggest buyers,” Bunting said. “We need them to grow. We have sales in Canada and Mexico. ... It is part of our strategic plan for five-year maximum growth.”
The Kansas Department of Commerce and the Kansas International Trade Coordinating Council named five finalists for the 2012 Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award, which is presented to a single Kansas company for outstanding international marketing achievements.
“This is a testament to the work ethic here,” said CFO Jana Davis. “We are a local employer, and a testament to the work ethic of this community. We are proud to be a part of this community.”