Tindall Corp. announced in 2009 plans to locate a manufacturing facility in the Kansas Logistics Park — and that overall goal has not changed for the prestressed concrete manufacturer which is developing bases for wind turbine towers.
While no dirt has turned for the construction of a $66 million facility in the Kansas Logistics Park, the company hasn’t been sitting still.
“We have completed the engineering and certficiation for the product,” said Chris Palumbo, vice president for Tindall. “Those were very necessary.”
The company announced in January the Atlas CTB Concrete Tower Base received certification from Germansisher Lloyd.
“The certification is an imporant milestone in the deveopment of wind tower technology that will allow the wind energy industry to extend hub heights above 100 meters to generate more power,” a new release said.
The company also has created a pilot production line for the concrete bases which would elevate wind turbines 40 meters to reach winds that are stronger and more consistent.
Palumbo said the first bases will be constructed at the company’s Atlanta manufacturing plant.
“Response in the industry has been very good,” Palumbo said. “We have nothing that is telling us not to move forward with the product.”
This also means moving forward with building a manufacturing facility on more than 200 acres the company has purchased — and is making payments on.
“We are convinced we have the next generation in wind tower technology,” Palumbo said. “We are moving forward with our project, and we expect that to continue.”