The many issues before our Nation and State are entangled like a knotted ball of string. To untangle a ball of sting, one must find the beginning end. Our National beginning, our state beginning lies in the Preamble of the Constitution: "We the People of the Untied States, in Order to form a more perfect Union . . . ." Then is listed all the responsibilities which are our mutual responsibility. It is "We the People," the responsibilities are mutual.
The role of the legislative branches of our government, whether it be the Congress or the State Legislature is to ensure that every citizen and enterprise bear its share of the cost of fulfilling the goals &t lie Preamble. Every citizen and enterprise has a share in the fruits of the fulfilled Preamble, every citizen and enterprise should contribute to their attainment.
Among the goals implied in the Preamble are the care of the aged, infirm, ill, helpless and improvident, and the education of the children and youth.
There now appears to be an effort to de-fund each of these responsibilities in a shamefully selfish attempt at stuffing individual wallets. The well being of a Nation or a State has never been cheap, human needs are expensive, which is why we banded together in the first place, to share both the fruits of mutual responsibility and the costs of mutual needs.
It is both the Congress' and the State Legislature's responsibility to ensure that the care of the aged, infirm, ill, helpless and improvident and the education of children and youth are fully funded, and that every citizen and enterprise share in the cost; this is the goal set by the Preamble.
It is my hope that the Kansas Legislature will fulfill its responsibilities.
— Robert D. Simison, Newton