Thanks to tips supplied by community members, a golden retriever stolen from Caring Hands Humane Society is now back where she belongs, a happy resolution to a story humane society staff feared would end tragically.
The dog, an 8-year-old golden retriever named Daisy, now is in foster care and is set to go to an adoptive family this month.
“She’s going to get a good, happy ending,” said Sarah Coffman, marketing and fund-raising coordinator at Caring Hands. “... She’s back home.”
Daisy originally was surrendered to Caring Hands when her owners were moving and couldn’t take her with them. She was approved to go to her new adoptive family on Jan. 17, and it seemed as though Daisy was destined for a happy ending.
But when kennel techs came in to work to feed and water the dogs on Jan. 15, they noticed Daisy was not in her pen. They saw the perimeter fence at the shelter had been cut, as well as the fence containing Daisy.
“She was gone,” Coffman said.
Staff immediately became concerned about Daisy’s safety.
“We were a little concerned because of her age, and it was starting to  get colder, and we were worried about what conditions she was being kept in,” Coffman said.
Then, an anonymous tip came in and it led Caring Hands staff to Daisy. They alerted law enforcement, and the people who had taken Daisy confessed they had stolen her from Caring Hands but moved her to a different location because they were afraid of getting caught.
Daisy was located and now is doing well in foster care, Coffman said.