Kim Manring, board and campaign chair for Harvey County United Way, made a short, and to the point, announcement during the organization’s annual meeting.
“We did it,” she said. “We met our campaign goal.”
The organization raised more than$306,000 for the 2011 campaign. The goal was $305,000.
She also announced the organization had moved the director’s office — from an office at the intersection of Broadway and Main to an office within Cooper Education Center, 816 N. Oak.
She said the savings will help with a rollout of “Charity Tracker,” and online system for tracking services.
She then handed her gavel to the new board president, Susan Bradrick of First Bank — who put forth two goals for the organization this year.
The first is to help get Charity Tracker off and running.
“Another goal we have is to expand giving,” Braderick said. “We are looking to true online giving and text donation options.”