Right now Scott Roberts is pretty unique —there simply are not many people doing the kind of work he does — in Harvey County. Roberts is working part-time for Newton Medical Center, creating a health and wellness initiative.
Roberts is one of two people from Newton who recently completed the first-ever WorkWell Kansas Statewide Leadership Training Program.
“I am working on developing the wellness program at Newton Medical Center, and Lisa (Bartel) has taken the lead on wellness for the county,” he said.
“I think is very exciting to see the effort of the businesses and who all wants to play a role. ... I think once this gets implemented, it will be great for everybody who gets involved.”
Bartel works for the Harvey County Health Department and will spearhead efforts to support businesses which want to create wellness programs.
WorkWell KS is a statewide worksite wellness initiative administered by the Wichita Business Coalition on Health Care and funded by the Kansas Health Foundation. Through WorkWell KS, local Champions — in this case Bartel and Roberts — from across the state are trained to provide leadership to communities to engage local business and organization leaders to support worksite health and wellness.
Harvey County was one of 10 communities to participate in the initial training.
“I think it makes so much sense,” Bartel said. “People spend more than  a third of their awake time at work. If work sites can make the healthy choice the easy choice, and start with some incentives.”
Businesses are not forced to participate, they only do so if they wish. Bartel will have a workshop in May for prospective businesses — she said there is space for seven businesses to participate in the he workshop.
“The seven businesses interested take the assessment, we will have the meeting and we will review their results,” Bartel said. “We’ll talk about where they can get started. This will give them some more information. The main tool will be an online assessment and they will receive some feedback on their activities. ... We will have a meeting and review their results. We’ll talk about where they can get started. ”