Have you experienced great customer service at one of our local businesses?  We, at the Chamber, want to hear from you!  Share your experience and we’ll shout it to the community with help of the Kansan. Contact Billi Wilson today at (316) 283-2560 or by email at billijo@thenewtonchamber.org.

“Get Caught” is an initiative of the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. For more information, or to send in a “Get Caught” report, visit thenewtonchamber.org on the Internet.

“Get Caught” is an initiative of the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. For more information, or to send in a “Get Caught” report, visit thenewtonchamber.org on the Inernet

Newton Chamber Get Caught reports

July 25, 2012

“My daughter and I stopped at Wendy's for lunch and, due to recent cataract surgery, I couldn't read the menu. Once the cashier at the counter realized my dilemma she pulled out a paper copy that was large print and was very patient in helping me place my order. It's unusual to find such unhurried assistance and she gave no indication that it was an inconvenience or that I was "holding things up.” It made the outing pleasant instead of frustrating. Thank you, Jocelyn.”
— Reported by Zenora Gard & Leda Graybill

“I just learned about the ‘get caught’ program. Rick at Pro Source Automotive should be ‘caught.’ As I was moving to the area, my gas tank developed a hole and needed replaced. Rick not only replaced it, he worked very long hours to replace it quickly so that I could finish my move and take care of my pets who were still out of town. Since then, any time I've had a problem he's checked the car and done exceptional work for a very reasonable rate.”

— Reported by Mary Spires

July 18, 2012

Rather than commiserate with me re: my stolen purse, I invite you to travel with me to a pleasant hour of my week.  I stopped at the Harvey County Driver Motor Vehicle office on June 15 over the noon hour but the line was long.  I returned @3:45 to have the line even longer.  Student graduates of Driver’s Ed, a newly married woman, and a couple from Sedgwick County (trying to avoid SC’s even longer lines) were some of those in front of me.  How I prayed I would be taken before the 4:45pm closing time as I could not legally drive w/o a new license.  To my surprise, the two women working the office were a delight.  Calling people “sweetie,” loaning one woman her fees so as not to delay the line, providing mirrors for “great photos” or even retaking questionable photos, they treated each person was kindness, respect, and humor.  Multi-tasking, they also joked to fellow employees who walked by, answered endless phone calls, and walked up to those who arrived “late” to apologize and ask them to return Monday am.  Deborah Gonzalez Hawk and Joanna Arce were wonderful1! Their “attitude of gratitude” may not have replaced my purse, but it empowered me to choose their positive outlook on life and their jobs.  Thank you.

— Reporte sby Barbara Bunting

“I'd like to report that Connie at Dr. Terry Davidson's dental office is a great worker. I don't know her last name, but she always is very nice, does a great job and always answers my questions while making my teeth sparkling and clean. The entire staff there is great.”
— Reported by Wendy Nugent

July 11, 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Kansas Gas Services and especially to Steve Roberson of the Newton Fire Dept.
Last week I came home at lunch to find several Kansas Gas Services trucks at my house with a piece of equipment on my driveway. When I asked them what was going on, they said I had a gas leak and they may be there overnight. They were here all night, actually most of the next morning too. When I came home at lunch again, there was another employee of Kansas Gas Services there and he told me that it was not their leak, but a methane leak. They said that they had called The City of Newton to come out. So I went back to work and called City Hall and was transferred from one dept to another. No one knew anything about it. A very nice lady at the City (I'm sorry I didn't get your name, but thank you.) transferred me to the Fire Dept where I spoke with Steve Roberson.
Steve was incredible. I explained the situation to him and he said he was going to check into it and call me back. And he did call me back before I left work that day and explained to me what was happening. He had made several phone calls and knew exactly what was going on. He told me that by the time I got home, they would have taken some of my concrete out on the driveway to remove the contaminated dirt and Kansas Gas Services would repair it. He also said that Kansas Gas Services went above and beyond what they had to do once they determined it was not their leak. Kansas Gas Services was waiting for me when I returned home that evening. They told me that they would be back the next day to fill in the din and patch it with asphalt until it could be repaired correctly.
Newton is truly blessed to have such an exceptional employee in Steve Roberson.
— Kathleen D Robertson, Newton

June 27, 2012

“I would like to recognize Tim Graber at Graber’s Ace Hardware. He’s always very helpful! I’ve been in there with plumbing problems, carpenter problems and he’s always been able to help me. I always talk with Tim and he’s always so helpful. There’s also a gal there in the paint section that always does a great job of helping me with paints. They always do a great job!”
— Report by Gerald Vetter

June 19, 2012

“On May 15th, a customer of the Midland National Bank had a flat tire in our parking lot. Ben Van Horn was quick to offer to change the tire for the customer. However, they soon realized that the jack would not lift the vehicle high enough for the spare tire, so Ben drove the customer to Bud & Steve Auto Service with intentions of having the original tire repaired. They spoke to BJ Stahly who offered to drive back to the bank and complete things. Both Ben and BJ took great care of the customer and he was very grateful for all of the help!”
— Reported by Marci Andres

“I would like to recognize Jason who works at the Newton O’Reilly store for getting caught for great customer service! I was having trouble with my car battery and pulled into the O’Reilly’s lot. Jason greeted me when I entered the store and when I told him that I needed to have my battery checked he did so without hesitation. After diagnosing that is was, in fact, my battery not holding its charge, he gave me my options of purchasing the correct battery for replacement. To my surprise, he came outside and took out my old battery and installed the new one in just a matter of minutes for me! Thank you Jason for your Outstanding Customer Service!”

Reported by Patty Warkentine

May 30, 2012

“I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Dr. Tippin and his staff for working in our foreign exchange student this week when she broke off her two front teeth during a soccer game. We know it can be such a challenge to receive dental care on an emergent basis, and we were so blessed to have Dr. Tippin to fix her beautiful smile. Thank you all again very much for helping us!”
— Reported by Tamara Shaw

“I would like thank and recognize the owners of Garibaldi Market at 123 N. Broadway, Mr. and Mrs. Ramos, for their excellent customer service and specifically for being so gracious in being a wonderful resource in our community.  I teach Spanish at the high school and last week they welcomed my Spanish IV class to the store.  They took time to explain the produce sections, the meat market, the restaurant services and other aspects of the store in Spanish to the students.  They were patient and helpful with individual questions and conversations in Spanish with a large group of students.  One Kansas Curricular Standard is:  Communities-- where students apply language skills and cultural knowledge beyond the school setting.  I applaud the Ramos’ for their effort in helping me meet that standard and for giving our Newton High School students an authentic speaking and cultural opportunity.  Thank you Garibaldi Market for providing not only outstanding customer service, but for caring about education in our community.”
— Reported by Evelyn Gregg

“Greg Hinz of Hinz Motors repaired my car at much less than the price quoted by a dealership, and within 18 hours of calling for an appointment I had my car back. This isn't the first time we have had great service from Greg and his staff. Thanks for reliable, professional, honest service.”
— Reported by Sherri Buss Rawlins
“I would like to recommend John E. Whitesel, Jr. for ‘Get Caught’ recognition.  John is employed by Conklin Cars of Newton.  I purchased a new car from John on May 10.  I was amazed at how helpful John was.  From the moment John began helping me find just the right car, until the transaction was completed.  John took the time to point out every detail of the car.  Then, he took the time to download apps to my iPhone.  John downloaded the remote link to "Onstar,” walked me through how to use the phone synced to the car, the GPS, and set all the settings for me.  Then, today, Fri. May 11, John phoned me ON HIS DAY OFF, to make sure I was getting along O.K. with my new car.  I am 79 years old, and this meant so much to me.”
— Reported by Ginalee Anderson

May 23, 2012

“I would like to recognize a young man that works at the north Sonic. His name is Abe. He is so polite and very helpful. He runs around on his roller skates and sings along with the radio while serving the customers.  He is always ready to go the extra mile and help the customers with what they need. It just makes the whole place very enjoyable when you see his big smile and his customer appreciation. Thanks Abe for making my dining experiences happy and enjoyable!”
Reported by Mary Kurr

“I want to thank Mark who works on the Ford side (of Conklin Cars) for going above and beyond to make sure he finds the problem with the vehicle. He makes sure to charge a fair rate and never over charge. Thanks for a good job.”
Anonymously Reported

“When we bought patio furniture at North Dillons on Friday, May 4 we discovered the boxes would not fit into the trunk of our car. Trevor Rigdon, a Dillons employee in Customer Service kindly offered to use his pick-up to deliver the boxes to our home in North Newton. We appreciate your generosity, Trevor.”
— Reported by Norma Johnson and           
Vern Preheim

May 16, 2012

“I want to say a big "Thank You" to Andrea at our local Sears for her excellent customer service.  I went in on Tuesday to try and find a part to repair our broken down fridge.  Not only did she go out of her way to search out the part number (since I forgot to write it down), but she went above and beyond to find a company that would be able to ship us one immediately, instead of having to wait a week!  Thanks again!”
— Reported by Monica Leonard

May 9, 2012

“I would like to give a big thank you to Greg Peterson of Peterson Funeral Home for being by our family during a time of loss and going to every length possible to make it easier on us all.”
— Reported by the Moore, Alexander, Maberry, Casanova families

May 2, 2012

 Sunday I was shopping at Dillons. My uncle and I were talking about my brother's death. I forgot my groceries in the cart.  I went back to get them, and they had been stolen out of the cart. Warren Glenn, who was the manager in charge that day, replaced my groceries, at no cost to me. Thank you Warren, that was superior customer service.
— Krys Hiebert

April 25, 2012

I am constantly catching A. C., employed by Kaye Electric, in the act of initiating exemplary service.  A.C. has come to our home exclusively for several years, having the knowledge and experience with a home built in 1930.  A.C. has given me his cell phone number so I can schedule appointments most convenient for me.  Always arriving “on-time,” he enters with a smile, friendly conversation, and an attitude of work.  Whether he is problem solving an electrical dilemma, installing new wiring, or fixing a common problem, he gets to work quickly, works efficiently, and follows through on the details.  I trust him!  In addition the work included in his job description, he has cleaned light fixtures, removed leaves from my basement window well, and repaired lamps.  Always a problem solver, he is also committed to completing the job in the most economical way.  I know that many of his customers are loyal and will only request him.  A.C. can take the time to visit with me and swap personal stories, but he can also work independently, often while I am not home.  A.C. makes me feel like I am his only and best customer.  I don’t know what I would do without Kaye Electric’s A.C.  Thank you, A.C.!
— Barbara Bunting

April 18, 2012

“I would like to give a big thank you to Greg Peterson of Peterson Funeral Home for being by our family during a time of loss and going to every length possible to make it easier on us all.”
— The Moore, Alexander, Maberry, Casanova families

“I want to say a big "Thank You" to Andrea at our local Sears for her excellent customer service.  I went in on Tuesday to try and find a part to repair our broken down fridge.  Not only did she go out of her way to search out the part number (since I forgot to write it down), but she went above and beyond to find a company that would be able to ship us one immediately, instead of having to wait a week!  Thanks again!”
— Monica Leonard

April 11, 2012

“I went to Alexander’s Jewelry the other day to have the coin my father gave to her mother for their 50th wedding anniversary, put on a chain. I was told the price of the chain and I said I was afraid it was out of my budget . Then Mary at Alexander’s asked if she could at least take the coin back and polish it up for me. When Mary returned with the coin, the coin was on a chain.  Mary said, ‘This must be your lucky day as there is no charge for the chain.’ What a wonderful surprise from such a sweet young lady.  Thank you so much Alexander’s!”
— Joan Farmer


March 28, 2012
“I was looking for a product at Walgreens in Newton. They didn't have any in the store, but the manager who lived in Wichita offered to bring the product from Wichita to Newton the next day. It saved me a trip to Wichita or having to order it online. Thank you so much!”

— Reported by M Graber

March 21, 2012

“I was in the midst of a normal day when doing nothing out of the ordinary, I pinched a nerve.  Not just any nerve, the sciatic nerve.  Pain so bad that it compared and rated up there with labor/delivery contractions!!  I couldn’t bend or walk and from the ankle down I was numb.  Diane at Meridian Chiropractic Center helped me get out of the car and became my sturdy and supportive crutch as I went directly to the table in the back.  She was very kind!!  When Dr. John DeGrado came in, he took time to ask questions and explained things very thoroughly.  Not only was I in pain, I was nervous about what was going to happen, having never been to the chiropractor before!  Dr. John and Diane took excellent care of me and were able to fix the problem that I had been carrying around with me for the past year without realizing it!!  They’ve changed my life (and posture!) for the better and I am eternally grateful.  They both went out of their way to go above and beyond to help me.  I cannot thank them enough.”
— Reported by Lori Smith

March 14, 2012

“I went into Wal-mart photo department on a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, and I went in early because I didn’t want to be a burden on anyone.  Douglas helped me scan and copy my pictures and stood beside me the entire time.  He went above and beyond from beginning to end and he did it all with a smile.  I just wanted him to know how much I appreciated him.  Thank you Douglas!”
— Reported by Carrie Bass

“I am pleased to report that I have caught Roofing Services Unlimited red handed.  Because of Brent Cauffman’s understanding the situation, his cooperation and financial contribution, we were able to help a friend in need with some first class repairs.   This was truly services unlimited.”
— Reported by Richard Hege

“I did my shopping at Wal-Mart Saturday & when I got home I discovered I was missing one bag. It was late and I was tired as well as hurting due to my illness. Annete Brown answered when I called Wal-Mart. She found my bag then went far beyond anything one would expect in customer service---she said she would bring my sack of items to me at home!!!  Then, apologized that it would be a little bit since she had to work for another hour. She was kind even before she said she would deliver.  A great representative for Wal-Mart.”
— Anonymously Reported

March 7, 2012

“I would like to report on the great customer service I received at the South Dillon’s store recently. I had stopped at the customer service counter with a question, and a young gentleman named Cody answered my questions, and went beyond customer service by giving me a refund even though I had not asked for it, nor was I expecting to receive one. I have even gone so far as to tell my supervisors where I work about how wonderful this young gentleman was, and just wanted Cody to know what an impact he made on me. Thank you again Cody!  Keep up the good work.”
— Reported by Marti Lee

Feb. 29, 2012

“My wife and I caught Newton Braum's server, Jordann, providing excellent customer service. We ordered only one sandwich combo. Jordann instinctively realized we would ‘split’ the order, therefore, she instructed the kitchen crew to cut the cheeseburger in half before wrapping it and serving it. That's the first time we've ever enjoyed that level of convenience.”

Reported by Barrick Wilson

Feb. 22, 2012

“A few weeks ago, our children were visiting from Kansas City.  When they left for home, they stopped at the Primetime on East First Street.  My daughter-in-law carried her backpack into the store.  She took her billfold out to pay, and then picked up the snacks and left.  About 30 minutes later, I received a call from the store.  They found a backpack with no identification other than a check I had written to my daughter-in-law.  My husband went right out to get it.  Everything was there -- including her iPad.  She was very happy to get it back.  We certainly appreciate their honesty and their efforts to return the property to the rightful owner.”

Reported by Becky Crupper

Feb. 15, 2012

“‘The Joint Camp’ at the Newton Medical Center has been of tremendous help to me in the surgery and
recovery of a new knee. Amanda Church, director, covers all the bases, from two weeks before surgery
and a follow up after you return home.   Her whole team works with the patient during rehab in the
hospital and includes your chosen coach.  My friends in Wichita have had the same surgery without this
kind of assistance.  Newton is very lucky to have this kind of care for knee and hip patients and for which
we are thankful.”

Reported by Rosemary Lowry

“Douglas at Wal-Mart in the photo center needs to be recognized. He was a tremendous help today
for someone who doesn’t understand all this. He was great at helping me get my pictures cropped and
printed and I wanted him to know I really appreciate it. Thank you!”

“I am the youth exchange chair for Rotary and have been actively working with school issues with the
office staff of Newton High School. They bend over backwards to help every time I ask...whether it
be to enroll, pay for lunches, fill out required forms, or check on grades. I couldn't be more satisfied
with everything they have done and how helpful they are. It's refreshing to work with people like
this...especially in the public sector where customer service doesn't help your bottom line.”

Anonymously Reported

Reported by Rod Kreie

Feb. 8, 2012

“I would like to submit a report regarding Debbie Church at the Harvey County Extension Office. She went above and beyond to guide me to the right office. She even walked with me. She also walked me to a shortcut to where I was parked! She was great and I want to thank her for being so accommodating and giving great customer service!”
— Reported by Charlotte Keller

“Calvin Wenger, manager of Applebee’s, was caught in the act of being kind-hearted. I like to eat at Applebee’s frequently. Having just lost my mother and brother in December, I hadn't been out there to eat for several weeks. When I went and told him what had happened, he comped my meal. Thank you Calvin.”
— Reported by Krys Hiebert

On Jan. 31 an elderly lady was driving by the bank. Her tire was clearly flat, she pulled to the side of the road and just looked flustered. Owen Kindall (loan officer) went out to see if he could help. He came back inside took off his bank shirt and went to work. He had to take the tire off go get air in the spare she had, then put the tire back on for her. Great job Owen!”
— Reported by Julie Swarts

Have you experienced great customer service at one of our local businesses? We, at the Chamber, want to hear from you! Share your experience, and we’ll shout it to the community with help of the Kansan. Contact Billi Wilson today at 283-2560 or by email at billijo@thenewtonchamber.org.

Feb. 1, 2012
“Huvyu Nugyen, Manager of the Newton Walgreens, provided outstanding customer service on my behalf. He went to a Wichita Walgreens and picked up items I needed that were not on the Newton shelves and not available in the warehouse. Wow!”
— Reported by Sondra Koontz

“John Koehn and Trevor Jost of Kropf Lumber deserve to be recognized for their hard work with a smile! My husband is deployed with the Army Reserves and had been working to finish our basement when he left. With the help of wonderful neighbors, the work continues to surprise my husband when he returns. But, I needed more drywall and placed my order with Kropf Lumber concerned that getting it into the basement would be an issue. I was assured by their salesman, Neil, they would be able to take care of it. John & Trevor showed up the next day and carried 38 sheets of drywall down my stairs. Thank you very much gentlemen, I appreciate your service and hard work! And thank you Kropf Lumber, for being so accommodating. It’s great to have businesses like you to service the communities of Harvey County!
— Anonymously reported

Have you experienced great customer service at one of our local businesses? We, at the Chamber, want to hear from you! Share your experience, and we’ll shout it to the community with help of the Kansan. Contact Billi Wilson today at 283-2560 or by email at billijo@thenewtonchamber.org.

Jan. 26, 2012

“Recently my senior citizen mother had difficulty with her credit card when she got gas at the new Kwik Shop at 12th and Main. I went in after work and talked to Anita, the assistant manager about the problem. She bent over backwards to resolve the problem with a great attitude wanting to make it right. Thank you, Anita for service above and beyond!”
— Anonymously Reported

“I want to commend the new Kwik Shop staff at 12th and Main, without fail they have been friendly, helpful and welcoming. My grandson dropped his fresh fountain drink all over the floor and the young woman smiled when I told her and promptly had it cleaned up. Great job guys, keep those smiles happening!!”
— Reported by Deb

“I would like to report that Prairie Harvest is flagrantly guilty of carrying the freshest produce in town, some of it lovingly grown by their own employees. Furthermore, they were caught repeatedly in the act of handing out free samples! Finally, there is no denying that they keep track of their regular customers and genuinely care about so much more than just the bottom line. The verdict? Community building in the first degree!”
— Reported by Marva Weigalt

Jan. 19, 2012

I hesitate to mention the excellent service provided by Kyle Kientz of Kyles Auto Service as the increased traffic at his place of business my delay my next service. You can usually get a good story and a cup of coffee along with your auto service at an honest and reasonable price.
Twice in recent times he has worked some emergency needed service into his heavy schedule before our long distance trips to the east coast. Very good timely service is the norm, not a one-time kindly gesture. Thanks Kyle for years of satisfied customers.
— The Mike Hanchett family

“I would like to recognize outstanding service by a cashier named Julie at South Dillon’s. I purchased a beautiful poinsettia and she took the time to obtain a large plastic protective sack to protect it from the outside elements. Thank you for the thoughtfulness!”
— Anonymously reported

“Just before Christmas my dishwasher was not working properly. I finally decided to bite the bullet and go to the Sears store in here Newton and look at dishwashers. When I got there and told the saleslady (I regret not getting her name) what the problem was, she made a suggestion on what to do about it. Then Stan Downey came up and gave me a couple more suggestions. They said to try these first before I spend money on a new dishwasher, because they would probably help (which they did)! It was great to know that I didn’t have to purchase a new dishwasher, especially just before Christmas. Thank you to Stan and the nice saleslady who saved me some money!”
—  Reported by Mary Kellogg

“Brenda Hershberger, customer service representative at South Dillon’s, went above and beyond to assist me in a obtaining a copy of a receipt dated in September of last year. Without her due diligence, which included a phone call to Utah, I would have not been able to recoup substantial funds from a gift card company. Also a big thanks to Doris Mathews, of the Body Shop, for her insightful advice that got me started in the right direction. Thanks ladies, you made my day!”
— Reported by Cheryl Sifuentez

“While we receive much good service in Newton, two individuals provided us exceptional service in the last few months. Justin of Koehn Painting Co. cheerfully climbed to our highest peaks and gables. We were relieved that he skillfully completed our exterior paint job without injury. Deanna of the Wal-Mart photo department takes time to answer all our questions, gives us advice and makes sure we have what we need each time she serves us. Her friendly smile makes our task easier. We walk out with a smile, too. Thank you, Justin and Deanna. You make a difference.”

— Reported by Jeanne and Gordon Houser

Jan. 11, 2012

“Several generations of our families have flown our country’s flag daily at our homes for many years. When we moved several years ago we didn’t take our 20’ tall homemade flagpole with us. Joy recently indicated she missed not flying the flag atop our nice pole. So, my daughter Caroline and I went to Graber’s Hardware. Bill there fixed us up with a new flagpole for our home. Bill was patient with us and took the time to help us figure out each piece including the pipe, sleeve, top eye-bolt, cleat, cap, rope, etc. They cut the pipe, drilled the holes, installed the hardware and even delivered it to our home. Bill went well beyond just selling us the items off of the shelf! Graber’s and Bill got caught giving great service. We’re so fortunate to live in a town with caring merchants who take great care of us.”
— Reported by Joe, Joy Betsy and Caroline Robb
“Pat and I usually order new stamps through the mail. Our check and order was placed in our mail box on Dec. 30. Just this week, we wondered where the stamps were. Often we do not get our mail delivered to our right address, so we thought something might be amiss. I went to our post office to inquire if the order and check had been received. I want to thank Lois for explaining the situation. The stamp request goes to the Wichita clearing house, then back to Newton. The delay was due to holiday lag. Lois opened several stamp orders that had come back from Wichita and handed me ours. Thanks for the good service!”
— Reported by the Wimmers

Jan 4, 2012

“I received the city's new recycle container last Wednesday. I had talked to someone in the office when this change was first announced and asked if I could have a smaller container delivered. When the container was delivered, it was one of the larger containers. I called the office and again requested if I could have a smaller container. I was told that it would probably take a couple of weeks but that they would try to get me that smaller container. Within a couple of hours they returned bringing a small container. What a great surprise. Thanks!!”
 — Reported by LJ

“Robin at the North Dillon’s was caught giving great customer service!  I was at the self checkout line purchasing two very large poinsettias. I hadn’t even scanned the first one when Robin was there at my cart with a large plastic bag to protect the plants as I walked back to my car. She removed them from my cart, bagged them up and put them back in my cart all ready to go. Robin went above and beyond to help me and even threw in a very, sincere ‘Merry Christmas.’ Thank you, Robin!!”
— Reported by Becky Galloway
Have you experienced great customer service at one of our local businesses? We, at the Chamber, want to hear from you! Share your experience, and we’ll shout it to the community with help of the Kansan. Contact Billi Wilson today at 283-2560 or by email at billijo@thenewtonchamber.org.


Dec. 28

Have you experienced great customer service at one of our local businesses? We, at the Chamber, want to hear from you! Share your experience, and we’ll shout it to the community with help of the Kansan. Contact Billi Wilson today at 283-2560 or by email at billijo@thenewtonchamber.org.

“Last Wednesday evening, I had just gotten off work and knew I had to get gas before going to pick up my son across town. It was the night of the Christmas parade, and I was running late, and also very low on gas. The traffic was being re-directed off of Main, and I had to sit and wait to turn onto Poplar. My car started to show signs of running out of gas. I got to the corner of Poplar and Broadway and turned into the Food Mart only to find I had left my billfold at work. I pulled into the station and asked the very pregnant and very sweet young lady if I could leave my cell phone with her and take $5.00 of gas so I could go back to my place of work and get my billfold. She was very kind and understanding and allowed me to do so. I came right back and gave her the money for the gas and of course she gave me my phone back. I am so thankful we have good-hearted people in this town who can help out when we need it. I’m sorry I failed to get her name, but she told me she was due on I believe Dec. 12; I was so flustered of my situation I am not sure of the date. I hope her delivery goes well, and Santa is good to her.”
— Reported by Cindy McAnulty

The day before Christmas, my husband and I walked into “Kitchen Collection” here in Newton. If we asked about a product (wine cooler, individual coffee cup brewer, variety of coffee, tea, hot chocolate flavors, etc.), they demonstrated, explained and answered questions. It wasn't just one sales clerk — three different clerks were on hand to help. What terrific customer service. Thank you. I’m sorry I didn't get your names, but you know who you were.
— Reported by Ruthe Spexarth

“My sincere thanks to the Service Department at Resnik Motors for ‘catching’ the self tapping sheet metal screw that had penetrated one of my tires. They did this while performing other work on my Jeep. Prompt repair of the tire prevented me from ‘Getting Caught’ with a flat tire at an inopportune moment. Thanks guys!”
— Reported by Jim Wimmer

“I received service ‘above and beyond’ at Walgreens, two weeks ago. The co-worker whose name I had drawn for our Christmas gift exchange circled an item in the Walgreen's ad, put her name beside it and posted it on the bulletin board. I took the ad down and went to Walgreens immediately after work. They were out of that item. Nicole, an assistant manager, called other stores and located the item in Wichita. She took my name and phone number and said she would see what she could do. The next day, she called to say she had the item at the Newton store and I should ask for her when I came in. The Newton manager, Huyvu, lives near the Wichita store. He picked up my item and brought it to work with him. Wow! Great service.”
— Reported by Margaret Goering

Dec. 21

“A couple of days before Thanksgiving I was grocery shopping.  I visited with my niece, Betty Leite, and then went on to finish my shopping.  I checked out and was ready to pay for my groceries but the check out person said “it’s been paid for.” I looked to see who could have done such a nice thing and here was Betty in the checkout line behind me! I was so thankful for her kindness.  Thanks again, Betty.”
– Reported by Helen Buller

“My sincere thanks to the Service Department at Resnik Motors for ‘catching’ the self tapping sheet metal screw that had penetrated one of my tires. They did this while performing other work on my Jeep. Prompt repair of the tire prevented me from ‘Getting Caught’ with a flat tire at an inopportune moment. Thanks guys!”
— Reported by Jim Wimmer

Dec. 14

I received excellent customer service at South Dillon’s recently. Heather, a customer service representative who was working the “cage” the other night helped me trying to find a new product for a sugar substitute. She was patient, considerate, and tried very hard to help me by looking on the shelf herself — twice. She called for back-up help and even Googled the product name, all with a smile. By the time we were done I didn't even care that we couldn’t find the product.”
— Reported by Gary Winsky  

“My husband and I were at the Family Video Dec. 3 2011 to get videos.  They have the nicest young man there working.  I didn’t get his name but we were very impressed how courteous he was and well dressed.  And, he didn’t have a cell phone hanging on his ear. I just wanted to thank him. You don’t see much courtesy anymore and this young man was exceptional.”
— Reported by Cathy Abrahams

Nov. 16

“My kitchen stove could not be repaired. I was told by a family member
Sears was having a good sale, so I got online. However, some of my
questions were not answered by the information available, so I decided
to call the Newton Sears store. Everyone I talked to was very helpful,
and when we got there to pick up the one they ordered for me at the
same price as online, we were treated well and the stove was quickly
loaded. Thank you! I am looking forward to baking for the holidays!”
— Reported by Debbie E. Regier

“We will miss Claassen's Hardware for more than just a hardware store.
Not too long ago, we had stopped at Curtis C's for lunch and had
parked in a parking space. And while we were eating, a truck backed
into the front of our new Honda Odyssey but it happened to be that
some of Claassen's Hardware employees were installing a new window a
couple stores west of Curtis C's and they saw it happen and took the
tag number of the truck. Of course then when we came out from eating,
a guy met us and gave us the tag number. Thanks again Claassen's for
going the extra mile!”
— Reported by Luberta McCullough

Nov. 2
“This morning I had a guest at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites.  They were traveling from Nebraska to Arizona.  The tarp on their van had come loose.  They were Senior Citizens and he was in a walker.  She wanted a new tarp and we gave her directions to Ace Hardware.  They were unable to help her and gave her directions to Orscheln’s. When she got there she purchased a tarp and Robert Akers went out with her and put the new tarp on her van covering her old tarp securing her items.  She came back to the hotel singing his praises.  She was so happy.”

— Reported by Melissa Silver

“Over the years, my husband and I have had our insurance through Heinze Insurance. Two of Dan's employees, Dottie Smith and Sarah Montano, have always provided friendly, excellent service to us. From helping us when our truck was totaled out in an accident to having a chip fixed in a windshield, they have both been very helpful, and I would like to ‘catch them’ for offering great customer service!”

— Reported by Patricia Salsbery

I would like to turn in Emily at Wal-Mart for a “Get Caught” award. I was in the parking lot loading my car with what I thought were all of my groceries. Emily came out of the store and was walking toward me with one bag that I had not loaded into the cart. This is excellent customer service and I really appreciate her willingness to search for me in the parking lot. Emily, thank you again. “

— Reported by Lisa Bartel

Oct. 25

I went to Harvest Greenhouse with what I thought was a sick plant with ants and spoke to Deb Smalley.  She looked it over and said it would be fine. I told her I thought I’d repot it and she asked to help me with that and without accepting any help from me, she had it repotted and back in my truck with a smile!  She was just so sweet and kind about it I wanted to report her wonderful service with a smile!”
— Reported by Josie Jenn

“I want to report Andrez Cervantes, who works at North Dillons, as being very helpful to me recently. I was at the checkout and had forgotten to get a large container of water. So I finished checking out, and then he offered to go get the 24-pack of water for me and then brought it to another check-out line so I could purchase it. This was while being very cheerful and helpful. Then he loaded it into my cart and took everything out to my car. He is a very helpful and cheerful young man, and I think he should be recognized. Because of several recent injuries, I have trouble lifting heavy objects, so I needed some help. Thanks, Andrez!”
— Reported by Wendy Nugent

“I wanted to report the exceptional customer service I received from North Dillon’s. I injured my back recently and when I went there to shop, all the employees were so helpful. They got the dog food for me, they unloaded my groceries put them in the car everything I was really impressed. The young man who helped me was Tyler, but they were all helpful.”
— Reported by Laurie Hartke

“About 60 days ago, in Wichita, my car was hit on the side by a man who ran a red light. It almost totaled my car. The Conklin Cars body shop employees did wonders with it.  Richard and Dale were very helpful by keeping me informed of the progress, both by phone and in person. Chad, the body and fender man, who did most of the reconstruction work, did a superb job making it look like a new car.  It looks and runs great. A big thank you to Richard, Dale and Chad and all the mechanics for their professional work. To them it may have just another day at work. To me, it was above and beyond in the manner in which it was delivered.”
— Reported by Jim Johnson  

“Typically, I shop at North Dillons, but it so happened that I needed milk, was closer to South Dillons, so I stopped there. I am also very brand loyal to our favorite milk from Hildebrand Farms Dairy. I walked up and down the diary case a couple of times, but couldn't find it. So I set out to find someone who could help me and found Nathan Gouvion working at the self check-out area. He said, ‘Yes, we carry Hildebrand milk.’ He walked to the dairy case with me, and sure enough, there it was. With a friendly smile, he made me feel better for not seeing it myself by saying that it was ‘hiding’ behind some signs. Nathan certainly knows what customer service is all about! Thanks again, Nathan!”
— Reported by Stephanie Thompson

Have you experienced great customer service at one of our local businesses? We, at the Chamber, want to hear from you! Share your experience, and we’ll shout it to the community with help of the Kansan. Contact Billi Wilson today at 283-2560 or by e-mail at billijo@thenewtonchamber.org

Oct. 5

“I needed to rent a trailer on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. I went out to Bumper to Bumper on meridian around 4:30. My truck had never been wired for a trailer, and I had no ball hitch.  They took the time to help me. Actually, they did the wiring hookup and got me road worthy. Thanks to them, I had no worries.”
— Reported by Roger Gillispie

“I would like to recognize Sara Entz with Sara Entz Art & Photography. With my husband deploying, we were running out of time to get family pictures before we left. A friend shared Sara’s name with us. I called her on Saturday, and she happily scheduled us for Tuesday. We met and took a ton of pictures in a variety of different locations. She said the CD takes a couple of days to complete, but that she would get it to us with a release so we could print the pictures at Wal-mart.  In conversation, we had discussed that my husband was leaving the next day and that we were looking forward to sending these pictures to him.  Later that evening, she called me to say she was nearly completed with the CD and asked if she could run it by our house for us yet that evening, I told her that would be great!  When she dropped it off, she also gave us two 8x10 pictures already framed and a couple of smaller pictures for my husband to take with him.  She said she wasn’t sure we’d have time to print any pictures due to my husband’s schedule.  She went above and beyond for us, and she deserves this special recognition.  Thank you Sara!
— Anonymously reported  

  “Having recently spent time in the rehab unit at Newton Medical Center, I can say without a doubt, that the nurses and staff at the center are the best there is. They were warm and friendly, even when I was impatient. They always welcomed my family and friends when they visited. No matter what time of the day or night that I needed something, they showed up at my door with a smile. In the end, they made my stay comfortable and pleasant. I just wanted to publicly say how much I appreciated them, each and every day while there. Thank you! May the kindness you so freely give to others be multiplied tenfold in your life.”
— Reported by Bill Nelson  

“On Sunday, Sept. 25, our very big family (six kids and two adults) went to CJ's Pancake House for brunch. We were instructed by the front dining area that the buffet room in the back would be more fitting. I have lived in Newton for 20 years and had never been back there. When we got in, we were promptly seated by the one waitress working the whole room. She was very friendly and nice toward the whole family. She was joking with the kids like she's known them forever. Three of the six kids ordered biscuits and gravy. When they got their food, they decided they didn't like how it tasted. Sandy took that opportunity to go back into the kitchen and ordered them pancakes, on her. She deserves to be applauded with her great customer service. Her being so kind-hearted made what was expected to be a ‘bad idea’ for brunch, a very smooth one instead. Thank you, Sandy; we will be back for more!!”
— Reported by “Very Happy Family”

“I believe Greg at Hinz Motors should be recognized with a Get Caught! Greg is one of the most honest people you can know. I took my car in to be serviced; he said it wasn’t time, but would do it if I wanted. He, himself, checked the oil and tires and looked under the hood. He said all looked OK and no charge! They don’t do any unnecessary work.  Thank you!”
— Anonymously reported 

Sept. 21

"I would like to recognize my newspaper delivery girl.  Shalynn Willems goes out of her way to deliver my paper to my porch.  You have to go into the alley to get to my driveway, and she does every day and puts the paper on my porch.  I really appreciate her extra effort!”
— Reported by Marshall Kendrick

“I went to the dentist on Monday at Dr. Terry Davidson’s office.  I locked my keys in my car and both Anne and Pam offered to drive me home.  I just love their office, they are wonderful people.”
— Anonymously reported

When my Huddle House server, Maria, brought my lunch she apologized the kitchen had fixed too much of one of my sides — and she gave me all they had prepared. No apology needed, Maria, I left fuller than I expected and appreciate the good service you gave — and letting me know not to expect that large of a serving next time around unless I get lucky again.
— Anonymously reported

Sept. 14

“When our Kansan newspaper carrier, Craig, delivered our paper late one day because of an emergency at home, he brought the paper all the way to the front door, put it behind the storm door and rang the doorbell so that we would know that the paper had been delivered.  We thought that was special service!”

— Reported by Joan Stretcher
“I just visited Newton and loved the charm of the entire town. I stopped downtown to browse the shops and meet some friends for lunch at Karen’s Kitchen. The food was great and everyone was so friendly! What topped it off was when I discovered I had left my lights on and had run down my car battery ... Karen personally came out and gave me a jump with her car! You don’t get that kind of service very many places anymore. Thanks so much, Karen!”

— Reported by Camie Russell

Sept. 7

“Greg Brenzikofer, with Graber's Plumbing and Heating, came to our rescue last week when the main water line coming into our house broke. Greg provided excellent service, doing what needed to be done, to make sure we had our water restored! Thank you so much for the excellent service!”

— Reported by Angela  and Tom Altum

“I would like to thank Dr. Paul Friesen with Newton Animal Hospital for the kind and compassionate care they gave to our beloved dog Sophie.”

— Anonymously reported

Aug. 24

“We would like to recognize and compliment two companies in Newton, Roofing Services (Gordon Entz) and State Farm Insurance (Todd Barnes and Rachelle Oswald).  We had some hail damage recently to our roof.  State Farm Insurance was contacted, and a claim was started right away.  Shortly afterward, Roofing Services was contacted. Gordon Entz with Roofing Services came out immediately and assessed the damage. He then discussed the concerns we had as the homeowners and also gave us some wonderful advice on what could be done according to codes.  The work soon began. While the Roofing Services crew was working on the project, Gordon made sure he made several stops in during the two days to make sure work was progressing as planned and if we the homeowners were pleased with how things were going. He was even seen helping quite a bit to make sure things got done. When the roof was completed, Gordon made sure everything was cleaned up and all debris was gone.  In today’s world, we don’t hear many compliments or good things about one another.  Newton should be very proud to have two fine companies as Roofing Services and State Farm Insurance in our city.  Many thanks to Roofing Services, Gordon Entz, the roofing crew, State Farm Insurance, Todd Barnes, and Rachelle Oswald for caring about their customers and clients.   You did a very fine job and we are so pleased.”
— Reported by Marla  and Mark Smith

Aug. 17

I would like to say thanks to Jan Zehr who called to alert us that there was a smell of natural gas around our home. She was watering lawn/flowers for our neighbor but called with concern for us. We called Gas Service, and they came right away and found leak and started repairs that day. Thanks Jan for you concern.”
— Reported by Tom and Sandi Pryor

“I caught Maria, a barista at the Mojo’s coffee shop at Newton Medical Center, giving great customer service! She is fast, friendly, and efficient! She sure can make a great latte too!”

— Anonymously reported

Aug. 10

“I wanted to report Stan Estrada with Chuck’s Familia Restaurant. I used to live in Newton about 20 years ago and would visit the old Chuck’s for their Arizona meal, which was my favorite; no other Mexican restaurant makes these like Chuck’s. I was in town for a visit and had to stop at Chuck’s for an Arizona when I heard they had reopened! While we were there, we were talking with Stan about how I used to come to the old Chuck’s, and he brought a complimentary cheese dip to our table saying I couldn’t go back to Massachusetts without having it! It was so nice of him to do that, it was just like coming home! They had very good customer service, and it was fun to come back to the new Chuck’s with food as good as the old Chuck’s!  Thank you Stan and staff!”
— Reported by Heidi Jarchow, Marblehead, Mass

Aug. 3

“I would like to ‘catch’ all of the wonderful employees at North Dillon’s Customer Service. They are all always so friendly, fast, and efficient. I’m unsure of everyone’s names exactly but I do frequent a lot when Christine, Pam, Shiann, Jennie, and Justin are working. I tend to “hold up the line” a lot with my multiple transactions but it never seems to bother them a bit. I don’t think that their management gives them enough recognition so I will do it for them. Keep it up guys.

July 27

Meridian Center server person Jaci provided our entire table excellent customer service during the ‘Celebration on Broadway’ banquet.”

— Barrick Wilson

“Hannah Gillham, Twisted Cow manager, provided excellent customer service to Kathy Schwarzenberger and me at the Newton Area Senior Center, when she hand-delivered a Twisted Cow gift certificate that was unavailable the day before, due to equipment failure. (Perhaps the computer was ‘frozen’ along with the yogurt!)”

— Barrick Wilson

“Thanks to Tim Gaynor with Kansas Electric for coming at a moment’s notice to help us get our computer back up and running. We were in the middle of a project when things went dark. If it wasn’t for Tim’s quick and efficient work then we would have been forced to go back to the old, slower way of pen and paper. Thanks Tim for saving us from writer’s cramp!”

— Pam Stevens and Becky Galloway

“Brooke who works at Sonic South is very polite. It is a joy going through the drive thru when he is working in the window. I don't think there is another teenager as polite, nice and courteous as him. He always says Thank you.”

— Mildred Prouty

July 20

“Two weeks ago, I had surgery with Dr. William Cho at Newton Medical Center.  Those people were fantastic.  I’m a diabetic and I hate to have an IV done, but Kim, the gal who put my IV in, she did it perfectly!  The anesthesiologist, Joe, he told me everything I needed to know and more.  It made me feel special!  They did such a wonderful job, I had to report them!”

— Reported by Jennie Yutzy  

“Dr. Randee Lipman is a wonderful doctor and has been for 20 years and her folks handled me with kid gloves!  Jan, Teresa, Tracy and Danelle, they were just fantastic! Gary Dunbaugh takes care of my drugs and just does a great job!  He takes the time to talk to me and lines everything out for me!  I just love him for taking going the extra step!  We have a wonderful medical facility here and I feel so fortunate to have it in Newton!”

— Reported by Jennie Yutzy

“Tina, a server at Applebee’s, is just so nice.  She treats everyone like royalty and is so hospitable.  I finally got her name and wanted to make sure she was recognized for being so good to everyone!”

— Reported by Billie Vetter

July 12

Catch someone in the act of providing exceptional customer service? Report it here.

“Sometimes I don’t feel so good when I go in — sure feel better coming out!  Odette, a hostess will always be caught with a smile on her face.  Jessie, the server, was a happy person. Applebee’s manager, Calvin Wenger, took time to point out the Brownie Bite special on their menu.”

— Reported by Peg Unruh

July 6

“At the North Dillon's Justin was working the customer service desk. He was helping me return some food I had bought. A tall, big man in line behind me was loud, opinionated and giving Justin a bad time. The tall man requested Justin call the Manager to get some help, which Justin did. The customer repeatedly needled Justin and loudly put Justin down, because Justin was helping me with a big return. The customer asked the person watching the self-service area to help Justin. That staff person explained he couldn’t do that. Still the customer remarked that he needs some help he’s too slow. I commend Justin for his patience and efficiency in a difficult situation. He didn’t get flustered or act agitated. He just kept working, answering the phone when it rang and doing what had to be done for me. WELL DONE JUSTIN!”

Reported by Cynthia Wyss

“I would like to thank BJ and the staff at Bud & Steve’s Auto Service. I had some work done on my car.  When I went to pick it up, it had just started to rain. By the time I finished paying for my services, it was pouring down rain. BJ already had gone out in the rain and driven my car up into the service bay next to the office for me so I did not have to go out in the pouring rain!  What a gentleman! I appreciate his thoughtfulness and excellent customer service!”

Reported by Jeanette Friesen

Mary from North Dillons was a lifesaver! I was trying to shop when my 4 week old decided it was time to eat. She unloaded my shopping cart and held the baby so I could get out of the store quickly and quietly as possible. Thank you, Mary, for all your wonderful help!”

— Reported by Lisa Bolin

“Eldon Schmidt came out, cheerfully, on a holiday Saturday to repair my garage door. I'd need to get out for church the next morning! He was here within two hours of when I called him.”

— Reported by Metta Lieb



June 22

“I purchased a Chevrolet Malibu from Conklin’s of Newton. Marhsall Kendrick was the salesman, and one cold morning the car would not start. I called Marhsall and he came right out to my home in a few minutes and repaired the problem quickly. Thanks, Marshall, for the service you provided when I needed it. I am also grateful to the service department for when I bring my car in for servicing. Thanks Conklin.”

— Delores Clark, Newton

June 15

“The Safe House would like to give a huge thank you to Macario Holguin, formerly of Midwest Cleaning & Restoration Specialists here in Newton, for offering his services in cleaning the carpets and furniture at the shelter for free! It is so important for the families that stay at the Safe House to live in a home that is safe and clean.  Macario and his staff were friendly, courteous and very professional — they did an outstanding job! We also received suggestions on how to remove carpet stains to help save money. Thank you, Macario, for donating your time and expertise to the families we serve!”

— Reported by Harvey County DV/SA Safe House

“I would like to report Fawn Schmidt, owner of Studio Q quilt shop in Newton, for providing great customer service! I recently completed my first quilt, and she gave me a lot of help with my project. She did a great job with the longarm quilting and finishing my quilt, and giving me advice about what fabric and materials to use. She is so friendly and helpful, and she always has a smile on her face.”

— Reported by Ashley Bergner

“Our mother, Lucile Mitchell Miller, took many interesting pictures with her No. 1A Kodak from 1914 until the mid-1970’s. She also kept journals of interesting events, parades, dedications of new buildings, etc. Her son, Kenneth Miller, took all these items and transferred them to disc to be donated to the Historical Library.  Linda Koppes was found ‘guilty’ of creating a great program including both pictures and news events in a delightful presentation. Accolades to Linda. She is the photo technician and a Harvey County Historical Society Board member.”

—  Reported by the family of Lucile Mitchell Miller,
submitted by Beverly (Miller) Hiebert

June 9

“I would like to report Och’s Cleaners. Every time I go in their store, they are friendly and always have smiles on their faces. They help me to my car with my laundry. One time in particular, my husband had left money in his suit pants, and when I went to pick them up, the money was clipped to the receipt. They are very honest. Thanks!”

— Reported by Karen

“Linda Scott, at First Bank of Newton, was caught being kind, compassionate and loving to me after my husband died. She helped me get my checkbook balanced; get a smaller safety deposit box and many other helpful things. She kept me calm and found the answers that I needed. Linda was always there with the answers. I am so grateful for her help during this confusing time.”

— Reported by Faye Mohrbacher

“Thanks to the Harvest Greenhouse and Garden Center for bringing plants, herbs and flowers to the Newton Farmers Market. As well as displaying the healthy and colorful plants, Conor McGinley offers helpful planting suggestions and advice. He is clear about which plants need sun to thrive, and how much sun they need. Thanks to this local business for helping us grow plants for our healthier lives.”

— Reported by Susie Wickiser

April 26

For many years Pat and I have traded at the South Dillon’s store. I can’t point out just one or even a few employees as being outstandingly helpful. I think that would be a disservice to the rest of the staff, they’re all great. We most always receive a friendly greeting as we enter the store. Quite often, someone at the cashier station will offer to carry out our groceries as we finish checking out. It’s a great courtesy. Help is always appreciated. Many of the employees know us by name. Anytime we have a problem with one of their products, they are gracious in making adjustments. All I have to do is stand at one end of an aisle with a quizzical look on my face (while I’m waiting for Pat to finish shopping at the other end), and someone will ask me if I need help finding something. When I really do ask to find a product, they hop right to it and help find what I need. Kudos to the South Dillon’s staff!”

— Reported by Jim and Pat Wimmer (4-20-11)

“I caught Pandea Smith, owner of The Leaf Tea Lounge, providing exceptional customer service on Thursday, March 31. My wife and I purchased fruit smoothies. From 12th Street to Broadway, we were unable to suck a single drop through the straws! Frustration turned to inspiration at Broadway and Main: “It’s Thursday evening. The Leaf is open. Maybe Pandea has some sort of utensils we can buy?” No spoons available in the store, but Pandea rushed to her car, parked a block away, and returned with two plastic spoons. She saved the day, and we had not purchased one thing from her .. .yet. That’s really going the extra mile (or extra block, in this case!).”

— Reported by Barrick Wilson (4-11-11) 

Reported April 11

“I have a great Get Caught report! I lost my ring two weeks ago, and a custodian from USD 373 by the name of Bill Will turned it in to his supervisor Bob Drake! This ring is worth a lot of money, and because of the honesty of this dude, it was returned to me! This guy is a stud and I would love for him to be recognized, especially since I’m not sure how often a great guy in his position gets celebrated for being, and doing, his job the way he does with such integrity.”
— Reported by Andy Ortiz   

“I caught several Newton High School Business and Professional students providing excellent customer service at their fund-raising car wash April 2 in the Bank of the West parking lot. Decked out in their lime-green T-shirts, the students swarmed around our car hosing, sudzing, washing, hosing and drying. From our vantage point inside our car, the students’ attention to detail was easy to see. Drove back to Wichita in a shiny, clean car!”
— Reported by Barrick Wilson

“I am visiting from Conneticut. My sister and I had to take some stain back to Wal-Mart because we are trying to match some stain for my mother’s deck. A young man named Adrian Johnson was so helpful and joyful. He spent about 40 minutes helping us match things up for what my mother would want, even as customers were backing up behind us.”
— Reported by Dorothy Gertz

Reported April 4

“I would like to report Jeremy Jensen at Buxman Motors for providing outstanding customer service! I thought I'd lost a part for my spare tire and when I was trying to explain it to Jeremy, he could not understand what I was talking about so I asked if he wanted me to bring it in so he could look at it. After about 30 minutes he realized the part I thought I needed wasn’t needed at all, it is just difficult to align the crank handle to put the spare back under the car. I didn't have an appointment but he stayed with me until he figured it. I've always had great service at Buxman's and I wanted report this example of just how great their service is. Thank you Jeremy!”

— Reported by Sandy Puckett

“I would like to report on a great act of customer service by Kim Perez, who works at the north Subway store.  I ordered lunch for the Leadership Newton Class. When I picked up the sandwich trays she helped me out the door then she proceeded to help me load them into my car. Then the next day she called back to see if everything was O.K.  That is good customer service!”
— Reported by Pam Stevens

Reported March 29

“I caught Verna Unruh, South Dillon’s Pharmacy, providing excellent customer service at the drive-through window. I had just picked up my personal prescription medicine and was about to drive off, when Ms. Unruh asked me if I wanted to pick up my wife's medicine while I was there. I totally forgot about the prescription refills for my wife. Ms. Unruh's knowledge of my wife and me as a regular customers saved me an extra round-trip from between our Wichita home and the pharmacy. At today's gas prices, Ms. Unruh's great customer service saved me about $10.” — Barrick Wilson

Reported March 22

“I’ll wager you never expected a group like our High School administrators, teachers and staff to be ‘caught’ in the same vein as others are “caught” for your column.
I have been a substitute teacher for over 10 years now. I’ve had good experiences with the staff and teachers at Sedgwick, Halstead and St. Mary’s schools when I worked there. I want to make special mention of the good experiences at both our middle schools, the alternate high school and Methodist Youthville. It would have been unusual to have “caught” anyone being other than professional and helpful.
The last several years I have spent most of my time at our high school, so it will be my main feature here. My biggest problem has been getting acquainted with the electronic teaching media that are now being used. The main one is the EIKI projector that can be operated through a computer or a VHS/DVD player. Getting to the on-screen instructions seems to be different depending on the equipment and controllers used.
I was filling in for Grant Scott on a Thursday and Friday prior to spring break. He took time to show me the operation of his unit on Wednesday during a break between classes. Well . . . to make a long story short, the next morning, before class, I was trying to remember the steps when another teacher saw my plight and stepped in to bring me up to speed. This was just one instance of the cooperation and assistance I appreciate. Sometimes, when no teacher is handy, I’ve taken a slice of humble pie and asked an experienced student for help. Most do fine, as they are on top of all the new electronic gizmos. I’ve had a few problems translating lesson plans but can always call on the department head to decipher the instructions for me. This is the kind of helpful attitude I always have experienced.
Many of the teachers greet me by name, as I come in, and ask who I am subbing for today. The principal and his assistants do the same. Many times they thank me for coming. The assistant principals seem to make it a point to stop by each substitute’s room once or twice daily. This helps let the students know that they are expected to cooperate with the substitutes and gives substitutes a chance to ask for help with any questions that have come up. In the business world, we used to call this M. B. W. A. (management by walking around).
As you can now guess, I think all the people in our local educational system are hard to beat.”
— Reported by Jim Wimmer

“I would like to commend Paul Powell, Wal-mart vision center manager, for his professionalism and excellent customer service during a visit to purchase eyeglasses March 8. His enthusiasm and thorough knowledge made the experience memorable. Keep up the great work. Thank you Paul.”
— Reported by Maura Payne

“We caught Acapulco Restaurant delivering exceptional customer service. During an office birthday lunch we noticed our order was short one meal. We called and spoke to Eric, and he apologized and had the correct meal delivered to our office promptly. We appreciate their willingness to correct the oversight quickly and courteously.”
— Reported by Conrade Insurance Group

Reported prior to March 15

Recently Dr. Pamela McCullough performed an amazingly painless laser procedure to remove a filling and replace it.  She and her assistant Mary were very clear about what to expect.  They kept me informed about the progress.  I appreciate Dr. McCullough’s listening skills and attention to details.  One example is putting moisturizer on my lips to keep me comfortable during and after the procedure.
— Reported by Susie Wickiser

“I would like to say a special thank you to Marilyn Schmidt at the Newton Library.  It’s because of her my trips to the library are much, much, much nicer.  I’m old, and I can’t see very well.  When I go in there she’s always too happy to come from behind the desk to help me find big print books.  I just wanted to say a special thank you to her; she really does make my trips to the Newton Library much nicer.”
— Reported by an anonymous caller

“Talk about exceptional care and customer service!  A recent guest at Presbyterian Manor was stressed over finishing a hand-knit blanket for her soon-to-arrive great-grandchild.  She mentioned her concern to social services staffer Marilyn Koehn who just happens to knit and graciously offered to help her finish the blanket in time for the baby’s arrival! Marilyn generously gave of her time and expertise to make sure this guest’s needs were met.”
— Reported by Noelle Dickinson

“My thanks to the owners and staff at the Fox Ridge Restaurant. Valentine’s Day was our 46th anniversary. When Fox Ridge staff told us they were having a special dinner that night (reservation only) I signed up right away. I asked for a specific table, which they kindly saved for us. They also placed the roses I sent for Patricia on our table just before we got there. They were wonderfully cordial and cooperative. I would also like to thank waitress Samantha Beltran for her efforts in providing Pat’s meal exactly the way she wanted it on March 9.”
— Reported by James Wimmer

“I'd like to report on Marjorie Wells, Customer Service Representative at Midland National Bank. Marj has shown me exceptional customer service both in my position as Director of Harvey County Community Partnership, Inc. and as a private customer. She takes time to explain everything and answers all my questions with grace and patience. She goes above and beyond to stay in communication with me and goes the extra steps to make my job and my life easier in any way she can. Dealing with a new bank and opening new accounts can seem daunting for some people (like me!) but Marj made everything easy and seamless. She is an asset to our community as well as to Midland National Bank!”

 — Beth Tuszynski

“Joy Bayes works at McDonald’s (inside Wal-mart). She always provides fast, friendly service. Today she told me that she had recently been rewarded with a company bonus from a mystery shopper incident. Way to go Joy!”
— Debbie Pierce

“I caught Jamie Stahl providing great customer service at Caring Hands Saturday morning when we went to meet our future family pet. She quickly answered our questions about the animal and provided a space for us to get to know the pet. When her shift ended prior to completing the adoption, she made sure she handed off the task to a coworker and gave complete information to that person so they could easily complete the adoption process. All around great experience at Caring Hands.”
— Betty Lanzrath

“Reba, Shawn, Lander, and the team at Reba’s provided exceptional customer service not only today but every time that I have lunch there. I am always made to feel as if I am the most important customer of the day. They each know me by name, remember my favorites (like tea — no ice), and cater to my special requests as if it were their purpose in life for that day. All the while doing so with a smile and positive attitude. Thank you, all, at Reba’s!”
— Todd Tangeman

“I caught Martha Florez, an associate with Conrade Insurance Group, going above and beyond the call of duty by faxing many documents to FEMA to get our residence property removed from the flood plain based on the new survey. She was always gracious, pleasant and eager to help on the many occasions I bothered her. She deserves recognition for her polite and pleasant attitude.”
— Ted and Sue Ice (3/2)

“We are a party of nine, including one 7 year old, two 5 year olds and two 3 years old. We are trying to get to a wedding in Tulsa, Okla. and the only way we can all travel is by train. We will be coming into Newton around 2:55 am. We called the 800 number for a car rental and were told there was no way we could get transportation that early. I called Stephanie Waltner at the Newton Airport and she was able to call around and secure two minivans that will be waiting for us at the train station when we arrive. I can’t imagine what we’d do with five little one’s at that hour if she hadn’t been able to help us. She truly went above and beyond all expectations for us.”

—  Vickie Catlett on behalf of the Catletts and the Josephs

“Patrick delivers top level service every time I have ever visited Kwick Shop. His main focus is always about the customer. The management team at Quick Shop should be proud to have an employee like Patrick.”
— Chris Tuohey

“On my way to work, on a cold, drizzly day, my modified PT Cruiser sounded unusually noisy. After pulling over, I discovered a dangerously flat tire. Greg Hinz, owner of Hinz Motors, was at my disabled car, with air pump in hand, within minutes! He followed me to work, took my car to his shop, replaced my tire, and then returned my car to my office. Saved my day and sanity!”
— Becky Allison

“I caught Lee Curle at Custom Car & Audio going way beyond his duty and answered all of my questions while answering phones and booking appointments. He also advised me on the different type of products he has and why one would be better for me over the rest, and they were less expensive as well. All around great guy to talk to and learn a little something from.”
— Jim Irving

“I would like to recognize Newton Medical Center for providing outstanding service. I had an unfortunate illness that required me to be a guest (patient) in our hospital during the week before Christmas. From the time I was checked in to the time I checked out, everyone who treated me was courteous and friendly. The nurses and lab techs even apologized if I winced a little when they gave me a shot or drew blood. The staff at Newton Medical Center has their priorities in order. They have my sincere thanks.”
— Jim Wimmer

“Anna Voth at Main Street Company was caught on Saturday, Feb. 5 giving excellent pointers in choosing a purse. She did so with a smile and interest. After my purchase turned out to be the wrong color of green, I phoned her saying my husband would be in to exchange it for the black one. She greeted him enthusiastically and the exchange was made. Anna made my day! Thank you!”
— Ruth Miller

“Shelley Black of The Citizen's State Bank was caught providing excellent customer service! She braved the blizzard on Tuesday, February 1st, to come all the way downtown to the Chamber to be sure that the checks I ordered were the correct ones. Then she made a follow up call the next day to reconfirm some of the details. Thank you, Shelley, for make the extra effort to brave the storm to meet our needs!”
— Gail Coleman

“I caught Mel Schadler at First Bank going beyond the duty of excellent customer service! After 5pm when people are trying to go home by getting their cars out of the snow, he came by with his pickup and helped pull out those who needed it. Special thanks to Mel for all his help by going the “extra mile!” He just stopped by to see if he could help. He told me later he helped six people on his way home just because he wanted to.”
— Jeanette Friesen

“I caught Becky Roland at Newell's providing excellent customer service for our Kiwanis meetings every Monday at noon. She remembers what you want to drink and brings it to you almost by the time you sit down. She is very willing to get whatever we need. Thanks to Becky for her excellent customer service.”
— Jeanette Friesen

Lois Voth and Carol Sue  Stayrook Hobbs at Prairie Harvest showed great service on Feb. 17  when I brought in an elderly relative. Lois, even though busy prepping in the kitchen, looked up a recipe to check ingredients, Carol Sue made sure we were finding exactly what we needed and answered questions, and both were so patient in providing a small sample of soup so my companion could decide if she wanted to take some home for supper. Nice job, ladies!

— Deb Hiebert

Dr. Hubbard and his staff at Hubbard Chiropractic have worked me in to the schedule several times in the past two weeks, and Dr. Hubbard has spent extra time answering questions that are not always related to the main problem. Very patient and happy to share information if it can help.

— Deb Hiebert