Much is written in the media about closing the gap in school achievement among different categories of pupils such as minorities versus those in the majority category. Minority children have typically achieved at a lower level. Closing the gap has been an important goal, but difficult to accomplish.
Classroom teachers must assist each pupil to achieve as well as abilities/motivation permit, realizing the sky is the limit. A competent, energetic teacher who secures pupil interest in learning, assists learners to see purpose, as well as respects individuals, is wanted in each classroom and school environment. However, the teacher is only one part of the important equation. Thus, pupils from more favorable home environments tend to do better in school; pupils from lower socioeconomic environments do not have the resources that others have. Thus, suburban school pupils achieve at a higher rate than do those from urban schools.
It appears to me that a war on poverty is necessary with the following corrections to be made in society:

Taxing based on a graduated basis with upper income people paying a higher per cent on taxable income Corporations paying an adequate amount of taxes. Widely reported has been that General Electric pays zero in income tax. Payroll taxes staying with the two per cent reduction and increasing all the way to the maximum in personal income, not just the $102,000 as is done now. Adequate safety nets for people who fall through the cracks due to illnesses, lay offs, and other unfortunate incidences Provide health care, as needed, for all, and coming from the public option.

An improved society should then result with better learning opportunities for all including museums, excursions into the community for enrichment, more public libraries, and events which benefit all in a democratic society.
— Marlow Ediger, North Newton