The need to move a presentation by a biologist from the Dyck Arboretum visitor’s center to a church with a larger meeting room was a clue to the amount of interest in Matt Peek’s subject.
The February meeting being the most clicked on news item at was the furbearer biologist with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and mountain lion investigator discussing five confirmed cases of mountain lions in Kansas since 2007.
The story tops an eclectic list — three of the top 10 clicked on stories for 2011 were written in 2009. The rest of the top 10 online news items written in 2011 include:

The Tatum tragedy — Combined with the story of her near drowning, and her obituary which followed days later, Tatum Kennedy High’s passing was one of the top online stories of 2011.
The 19-month old nearly drowned in a backyard pool Aug. 14. She died Aug. 20.

Chuck’s Familia making a return —  For nearly 12 years Chuck’s Familia was been closed, and there was  a hole in Robert Estrada’s heart.
Estrada, 27, is the grandson to the founder of the restaurant that once called downtown Newton home — and though he was still in high school when the place shuttered its doors, he has missed it. Until now. Estrada is reopened Joaquin and Belen Estrada’s family restaurant in a new location — Cedar Village Shopping Mall.

No Newton fireworks, but there are options for July 4 — The city of Newton’s annual fireworks display was moved the last weekend of June, along with the Chisholm Trail Festival.
While there were no fireworks for the fourth in Newton, there were options like Newton Rebels baseball, fireworks in Peabody and Sedgwick, and the Burrton “Small Town, Big Dreams” festival.

Hesston man arrested, charged with indecent liberties — Kevin Angleton, a former city council candidate in Hesston, was arrested in November on four counts of indecent liberties with a child.
Angleton was later charged with three counts of rape and one count of criminal sodomy as the investigation continued.

Newton ‘Huddle House’ to be show brand's new design — Owners David Key and Ron C. Lee announced Newton would be getting the first Huddle House restaurant in the state of Kansas, and this Huddle House will be different from any other that has been built in the chain to date.
“This product they came up with was about getting current,” Lee said. “You look at the restaurant industry, they are revitalizing and refreshing.”
Huddle House has revamped the brand — giving the restaurant a new, timeless look.

‘Super couponers’ share tips and tricks to savings —  If there was a coupon to clip for a car payment, Kati Sartain would cut it out and use it.
But there isn’t, so making her car payment with the cash she saves on groceries by clipping other coupons will just have to do.
“I started this two years ago, and save an average $100 a week,” Sartain said.
She spends about three hours a week clipping coupons and finding savings — and it is paying off for the stay-at-home mom.

Moundridge woman arrested following bank robbery — A Moundridge woman was arrested in June  in connection with a string of bank robberies and bank robbery attempts — the last an attempt in McPherson and a robbery in Newton.
Vicki Arce, 51, Moundridge was apprehended by a Hesston police officer.

Westboro protest ignored, ends early — Westboro Baptist Church  of Topeka  announced a protest of Bethel College's performance of "The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later" in November of 2011.
The church asked for, and was granted, a permit for the protest.
The protest was basically ignored.
"I told people they want an audience," North Newton chief of police Ray Classen said. "If you don't give them that, they will leave."
The group was to protest from 6:45 to 7:30 p.m., however they left around 7:15 p.m.

Halstead girl killed in bicycle accident — An 8-year-old Halstead girl died  after she was run over by a semi-trailer in downtown Halstead.
Maklya Ritthaler, 8, was riding her bicycle at on the sidewalk in the area of Second and Main streets in Halstead.
A semi-truck and trailer was turning west onto Second from Main Street, and struck Ritthaler.

Fire breaks out in Halstead — The cause is ironic, but the fire in the basement of his home was no laughing matter to Daryle Bookout of Halstead June 21.
“I’m overwhelmed,” he said to the Kansan.
Bookout was able to rescue his cat as flames shot from the basement windows of his rental home at 226 Walnut in Halstead Tuesday, a fire started by a waterbed.