Cyber crime can cross the boundaries of cities, states and even countries, often making it difficult to crack down on these types of cases. A cyber criminal sitting at a computer in England can create a virus that is inadvertently downloaded by a person in Kansas, and a hacker doesn’t have to actually break inside a building in order to steal a company’s files.
Although combating cyber crime remains a challenge for 21st century law enforcement, the Newton Police Department now will have access to more tools to track cyber crime, thanks to Detective Brad Celestin’s appointment to the FBI Cyber Crime Task Force.
Celestin is the only member of the task force in Kansas outside of the Kansas City area, and he said it was an honor to be included on the task force.
“Above all those agencies, Newton was picked,” he said. “It speaks a lot about our police department.”
Cyber crime can include online activities such as hacking, fraud, identity theft, spreading viruses and terrorism.
Celestin said one of the most frequent cyber crimes is the distribution and downloading of child pornography, which can lead to further sex offenses against children.