They’re big and blue, and they started arriving at people’s curbs this week.
As part of Newton’s new single-stream recycling effort, the new poly-carts started to get delivered this week.
“People will get their carts on their trash pickup day this week, and they can start using them right away,” said Erin McDaniel, public information officer with the city of Newton.
Next week, people can set their old, smaller bins on the curb, and city crews will pick them up. Plans for these older bins are for them to be purchased by a plastics broker and then recycled. Sale proceeds will be used to offset the purchase of the new carts.
“Residents may also choose to keep one or both of their recycling bins for household use, but they will no longer be used in the pickup process,” McDaniel said.
A total of 11 crews were on the south side of Newton Tuesday, delivering the carts, said Randy Jackson, street sanitation superintendent.