David Swisher and three of his kids have been building a church since Thanksgiving. However, this is not a regular church — it’s made out of homemade gingerbread, candy and frosting, and stands 30 inches tall.
“My main motivation was the kids are old enough now to contribute, and it gave us some good bonding time together,” David Swisher said.
The family project started a few weeks before Thanksgiving with the planning stage. David and daughter Lydia, 15, made the main design and asked sons Jeremiah, 9, and Joshua, 10, for their input.
The group made a prototype out of cardboard before tackling the project with food.
“Everything there is edible, except for the light,” David said.
A light shines on the interior details of the church, complete with a Nutty Bar floor, Cookies and Cream Hershey’s Bar pews and candy cane beams. Chocolate bar doors open to the outside of the church, which is just as detailed.