If you’d like one of the new sets of trading cards from the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff T. Walton recommends community members start collecting them soon, because the cards are going fast.
“I think it’s very good for public awareness,” Walton said of the cards.
The cards feature pictures of deputies and other members of the department, as well as stats such as officers’ home towns, hobbies and badge numbers.
Instead of a standard mug shot, Walton said the officers were encouraged to make the pictures more personal, and the photos were taken at various places — in fields, in front of patrol cars, etc. — around the county.
Each deputy has been given 500 trading cards to pass out, and Walton encourages children in the community to approach the deputies to ask for the cards. This provides a way for children to get to know local law enforcement officers and learn they are there to help.
To pay for the cards, Walton recruited sponsors from around the community, instead of using county funds.
“It was an easy sale,” he said of the sponsors. “... They went right for it.”
The sponsors’ names are printed on the cards, and they will receive a set of cards.
For more information about the cards, contact the sheriff’s office at 284-6960.