Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-Wichita) made a stop in Newton Wednesday, hosting a town hall meeting at The Meridian Center.
He spent a few minutes talking about what has been playing out in Washington as of late, and where he believes the anger the public has begun to voice toward Capitol Hill has come from.
“There was no demand to restain government,” Pompeo said. “We are now in a moment where there is now a demand to do just that.”
He said for decades Democrats and Republicans alike were spending more than that government took in, and no one was overly concerned.
But then things changed.
The economy slowed, unemployment went on the rise — and voters started talking about the need to reduce spending in Washington.
Those same voters are now angry, it would seem, that there are few answers and plenty of gridlock in Washington.
“I know from the outside it looks pretty messy,” Pompeo said. “It looks pretty messy on the inside, as well.”
Pompeo spoke of changing the regulatory environment for business  as a way to encourage job creation — though he  did not give specifics.
“We need to create a climate where small and medium-size businesses are willing to take a risk and grow,” Pompeo said. “We need to reward the risk takers — and understand that everyone is taking risks. For some, that risk might be purchasing a new home.”
During the question-and-answer session, he answered questions about the gridlock on the Hill, Social Security reform, Medicare reform, aid to Israel and defense spending.
He recognized the need for reform to all programs and how difficult it will be to make those changes.
“If you poll people, regardless of party, if we need to cut spending the  support would be in the 90s,” Pompeo said. “But  when you list 20 programs, including the biggest ones, they don’t want those programs cut. ... We won’t fix any of these problems without your help. We are followers. ... We are listening.”