The Wichita area recently made a Weather Channel “top 10” list — though it’s not a distinction cities would like to have.
The Wichita area ranks No. 7 on this year’s “Top 10 Worst Fall Allergy Cities” line-up, and this isn’t the first time the area has made the list.
“We’ve had a bad rating for a long time,” said Audrey Roberts, MD, who practices at Via Christi Clinic in Newton.
Fall typically is a tough season for those suffering from allergies, with allergens such as ragweed, goldenrod and molds being some of the most frequent offenders.
However, the Weather Channel’s report stated extreme weather conditions across the country might be making the fall allergy season even worse than normal this year.
“There are lots and lots of record pollen counts because of all the heat, increased temperatures, and all the sun,” Dr. Cliff Bassett with Allergy and Asthma Care of New York said in the report.