It’s a book that changes lives — including the lives of ordained ministers. It’s called “The Shack,” and the publisher who discovered it and helped it burst on to the national scene will be making a visit to New Jerusalem Missions of Newton.
“I’m calling this ‘Life in the Loft,’” said Penny Dugan, founder of New Jerusalem Missions. “It will be at our farm north of Valley Center.”
Wayne Jacobsen, who lives in California, will spend Oct. 5, 6 and 7 in the area, speaking all three in the red barn at 100 W. 93rd Street North, Valley Center.
At this point the plan is for a potluck meal each night — though full plans for each night have not been finalized.  
“He has helped teach an AIDS short course with us,” Dugan said. “He’s a good teacher, and he has a following all around the world.”
During his visit he will speak on the topic “Living Loved.”
The founder of Lifesteam Ministries, Jacobsen is no stranger to New Jerusalem Mission.
He has helped teach AIDS classes and traveled on AIDS outreach trips to South Africa with the organization.
His visit will come just a days before Dugan is scheduled to return to Africa for another outreach.
“The books he publish change you,” Dugan said. “It changes you from a fear base to a real relationship base. It changed the way I share Jesus.”
For more information about Jacobsens’ visit, call (316) 207-7128 or on the internet.